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Posted March 16, 2021 by Pepper Hastings

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Jordan with friend Buzz.

We've added several new teammates in Q1. Welcome Jordan Yates to our Dallas team where she is enduring sales engineer training for the coming months.

Jordan’s first introduction to Innovative-IDM was via webcam with Mike Zimmerman at Texas Tech’s career fair in September.  She eventually was interviewed in-person by Klent Prewitt and Mason Godwin in Lubbock.

“It didn’t seem as real,” Jordan said of the pandemic version of on-campus recruiting. “Usually you have a rush of adrenaline and excitement standing in line waiting to go [into the career fair]. But we still dressed like a regular recruiting event. We were afraid [recruiters] would ask us to stand up to see if we were really dressed for business.” Turns out, says Jordan, a fair share of the companies didn’t know how to turn on their cameras or microphones. “Even some of the huge companies didn’t know how to work the software. Turned into a chat interview.”

A lifelong Texan, Yates played multiple sports for the Pioneers of Boswell High School in Fort Worth.  “I was a well-rounded mediocre athlete,” says Yates, who recently took up the game of golf. “Not very good. I can almost get around the course now.” For a recent birthday, Jordan jumped out of a perfectly good airplane on a skydive. “Painful,” she recalls. “You can’t breath because of the wind and when the chute opens, the straps really jerk you up. Lots of bruises from that one, but I’d do it again.”

With her first two weeks at IIDM behind her, Jordan is certain that she has entered the “consciously incompetent” phase she was warned of on Day One by Gene Gray. “I feel like I’m getting a second degree in electrical engineering. But I’m not worried. People have made it through this before and [IIDM] knows how to get us to the next stage as long as we put in the work. I’m excited. It’s a nice place to work.”

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