Upgrade Your Existing DC Motor System

Posted April 7, 2021 by Pepper Hastings

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I've spent three decades working with industrial drive- and PLC-centric production processes.

Much has been written and talked about replacing DC systems with AC drives and systems. However, your production process might require you to retain your DC system. If the DC motor is in good shape but you need to upgrade the drive, then we can upgrade the existing system in the following ways:

• A simple DC drive replacement in the field is in order and cost effective (many examples of this, both Parker and Bardac DC drives.)
• A new installation of Packaged DC drive.
• If the DC drive is large, and the DC bridge is in good shape, a controls retrofit could be in order. We have done a number of these, both Parker and Bardac have a solution.

For each of these options, there are many available accessories:
• Communications types
• Both input AC and output DC reactors
• Retain or replace the contactors, either AC or DC
• Retain or replace dynamic braking resistors
• Recommended to replace fuses
• Replace the PLC and other controls

If you've been worried about keeping your old DC system in top shape, there are solutions. I've probably worked with a system similar to yours and would be happy to help you keep your DC production process humming for many years to come.

Steve Lyons is a senior applications specialist at Innovative-IDM and can be reached at steve.lyons@iidm.com


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