United States Space Force Flies on Flagpole 3 in December

Posted December 1, 2020 by Pepper Hastings

Categories: IIDM Behind the Scenes

Mueller runs the US Space Force flag up the pole.

Arriaga shows Mueller the proper methods of attaching a flag to a rope.

Replacing the flag of the USMC on HQ flagpole No. 3, we present to you the flag of the United States Space Force, established Dec. 20, 2019.

Characteristic of our democracy, Carlos Arriaga, a Marine (right) and interim Director of Ceremonies, Pomp and Circumstance, facilitated the peaceful transition of power this morning.

Todd Mueller, not a Marine but who has an unusual yet keen interest in the US Space Force, did the honors of raising the flag while the IIDM spirit band enthusiastically strained its own rendition of the Space Force march. Thus continues a longstanding and time honored tradition dating all the way back to . . . well, August, where Innovative-IDM honors a different branch of the service each month.

Next month, will it be the Coast Guard or the Army on Pole #3? Stay tuned.

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