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Chilicheesemustardonionrelishdogmania Time Again!!!

Posted July 13, 2017 by Omar Mediano

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Our 2017 Independence Celebration has passed again with completion of our Chilicheesemustardonionrelishdogmania part and Chili Cook-off. This year we had some very close competition with 5 contestants with 5 very unique styles of chili and flavors. With that being said, we had the tightest race in Innovative IDM history. How did the voting occur? Each person who joined our event including Team Members, Omron Sales Reps, and Parker Sales Reps, was given a single poker chip to vote for their favorite chili. At the end of the meal we ended up with a tie for First and Second places.

1st Place – Britt Welch & Cyrus Jahani

2nd Place – Jesse Simental & Kris Hanchette

3rd Place – Dan Managan

We wanted to give a huge shout out to all of the contestants as the margin of victory was not much at all. Thanks to everyone that participated, voted, brought chili, and the Dallas CIA group for putting on the event. We can’t wait to see what happens next year!!

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