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Drop Off Your Panel Box Here for Retrofitting

Posted August 11, 2008 by Pepper Hastings

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We often have customers and potential clients over to our office. Once they see what kind of operation we have running over here, they are ready to get started with us.

Did you know that we can retrofit your old panel box with new components?

If you want to drop off your old box for us to rework, or just want to see for yourself our panel shop and how we can build for you one of the cleanest new UL certified panel boxes you've ever seen, we are open 8 to 5 at 1420 Vallwood Parkway in Carrollton.

That's suite 204, but make sure you use the correct entrnce (not the one shown here).

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Crank Down the A/C!

Posted July 2, 2008 by Pepper Hastings

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Check out this project the guys are working on out in the panel box shop today. This one even has two air conditioning units that will go into each side to keep the equipment cool. That's the A/C vent just on the other side of Jason's arm.

Lots of people say our UL508A boxes are the cleanest they've seen. We also retrofit old boxes with new components.

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