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2018 Award Winners

  • Tulsa Kickoff
  • Matt All Star
  • Matt All Star

Innovative-IDM is known for LEGENDARY Customer Service and what makes us LEGENDARY are our team members who go above and beyond what is required to help the company reach its goals. These LEGENDARY employees are recognized annually at our National Sales Meeting and Branch Kickoffs.  Winners of these prestigious awards are nominated by company leadership and President's Club alumni. Without further ado, below is the full list of this year's LEGENDARY Award Winners:

President's ClubIn recognition of exceptional sales growth, consistent completion of all activity requirements while living out our Company Values.

  • Brandt King
  • JP Childress
  • Steve Falcone
  • Klent Prewitt
  • Lonnie Muse

President's ClubIn recognition of your selfless leadership, positive attitude and business results while living out our Company Values.

  • Adam Ring
  • Matt Meeker
  • Gene Mussell

President's ClubTo recognize you as a consistent over-achiever who always produces more than expected, at or above Innovative’s high standards for quality, and for doing all of this selflessly, placing the needs of the team above your own.

  • Carolyn Brace
  • Stephen Weatherley
  • Anabel Simental
  • Omar Mediano
  • Cyrus Jahani
  • Bobbie Washburn

President's Club - In recognition of your dedication to providing exceptional field service, regardless of the time of day or the long hours necessary to complete the job and all while living out our Company Values.

  • Dale Frisk

Gold – Sales Growth Award - In recognition of gross profit growth exceeding $100,000.

  • Brandt King
  • JP Childress
  • Ed Hyer
  • Steve Falcone
  • Klent Prewitt
  • Lonnie Muse

Bronze – Sales Growth Award - In recognition of gross profit growth exceeding $50,000.

  • Kevin Skaggs

Gold Sales Growth Award – BDMs - In recognition of gross profit growth exceeding $200,000 or COGS growth exceeding $450,000.

  • Adam Ring
  • Gene Mussell
  • Matt Meeker

Gold Sales Growth Award – Repairs - In recognition of gross profit growth exceeding $30,000.

  • JP Childress

Bronze Sales Growth Award -Repairs - In recognition of gross profit growth exceeding $20,000.

  • Brandt King
  • Kevin Skaggs

All Pro Team - Honoring the employees who personally embrace and publicly champion LEGENDARY customer service. Their consistent acts of service – exemplified by their positive participation in “The Game” - help maintain, build and nurture long-term customer relationships.

  • Region 1: Cyrus Jahani, Omar Mediano, Gina Arredondo, Anabel Simental, Matt Meeker
  • Region 2: Carolyn Brace, Ernie Sparks, Dan Holmes, Marc Phelps, Edwin Catalan

110% Award - In recognition of always going above and beyond what is required to help the company reach its goals.

  • Britt Welch
  • Ernie Sparks

Rookie of the Year - To recognize team members with less than 2 years of service who have in a short time greatly impacted Innovative-IDM.

  • Kyle Parry
  • Richard Lewis
  • Galen Derrickson
  • Kris Hanchette

Customer Service Employee of the Year - In recognition of promoting a positive tone, regardless of circumstances, while providing unwavering support to our customers, supplier partners and your teammates.

  • Anabel Simental

Manufacturing Employee of the Year - In recognition of demonstrating exceptional effort, producing quality work and sharing your positive attitude to ensure we exceed our customers’ expectations.”

  • Bryan Rinehart
  • Donny Clark

CIA InformantIn recognition of contributing your time, efforts and ideas while selflessly modeling our company’s values.

  • Carlos Arriaga
  • Felix Vargas

Gold – Repair Department Super Hero - In recognition of your productivity and attention to quality service by exceeding 300 repairs and holding a warranty rate of 5% or better.”

  • Dan Holmes
  • James Nairn

Bronze – Repair Department Super Hero - In recognition of your productivity and attention to quality service by exceeding 250 repairs and holding a warranty rate of 10% or better.”

  • Felix Vargas

Repair Department Employee of the Year - In recognition of demonstrating exceptional effort, selflessly assisting your teammates and sharing your positive attitude to ensure we exceed our customers’ expectations.

  • Edwin Catalan

Gold Services Revenue Award – Field Service - In recognition of services performed at or above Innovative-IDM’s high standards. Exceeded 1,400 billable hours. 

  • Dale Frisk

Holiday Party – Houston Style

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The SpindleTap Brewery in Houston was the place to be on Saturday. Ugly sweaters, karaoke, ice cold liquid gold, corn hole, basketball, great food, gifts and Innovative-IDM employees.

When it came to liquid gold, "BoomTown Blonde" seemed to be the drink of choice for the majority of IIDM'ers. I'm not sure if it was the liquid gold, or the excitement of the holiday season, but multiple employees and guests sang their hearts out on the karaoke machine.

The fun didn't stop there, Edwin Catalan took the stage and  named Zip-Tie Tinsel, Juan Silva, winner of the ugly sweater contest.

Then it was time for giveaways and the same thing was one everyone's mind, who is going to win the big screen tv?! Houston Branch Manager, Stephen Weatherley, called employees up one-by-one to draw raffle tickets. Gifts included 2 Yeti Tumblers, Fit-Bit, Kindle Fire HD, SoundSport Headphones, Wine basket, Sunglasses, Liquor Basket, Cavender's Gift Card, Vodka Basket,Yeti Cooler, Xbox One and a 50" Smart TV. At the end of the night, Stephen and El Presidente, Gene Gray, announced Marilyn Skeet as the winner of the TV.

Innovative-IDM's Houston CIA did an amazing job organizing the holiday party. It was a Legendary party with Legendary people!

Jeff & Debbie Bruce

Ed & Tracy Hyer

Dan & Debra Holmes

March Phelps & Todd Mueller

Edwin, Suzanne, Autumn and Adam

Dana & Paul

Brandt, Amanda & Gene

Erin, Michael & Alberto

Carol & Jeff

Corn Hole Champions - Ed Hyer & Stephen Weatherley

James Nairn & Felix Vargas


Ugly Sweater Contestants

The Finalists - Felix, Alberto, Juan and Adam

WINNER - Juan Silva (zip-tie tinsel)

Edwin Catalan

Basketball - Dale Frisk, Ed Hyer, Jacob Hestand, Stephen & Sandra Weatherley

Ed & Tracy Hyer

Raffle Winner - Carolyn Brace

Raffle Winner - Jeff Bruce

Raffle Winner - Gary Mertschin

Raffle Winner - James Nairn

Raffle Winner - Edwin Catalan

Raffle Winner - Dale Frisk

Raffle Winner - Marc Phelps

Raffle Winner - Ernie Sparks

Raffle Winner - Kevin Olson

Raffle Winner - Stephen Weatherley

Raffle Winner - Jeff Smith

Stephen & Gene announcing the winner of the 50" TV.

Raffle Winner - Marilyn Skeete

Houston Branch Manager, Stephen Weatherley, decided to help Brandt King check an item off of his bucket list this holiday season by letting him play Oprah Winfrey. You get a vest! You get a vest! Everyone gets a vest!


Innovative-IDM Partnering With Flower Mound Police Department

Posted December 14, 2017 by Omar Mediano

Categories: Employees, IIDM Behind the Scenes


It’s always a great day when you can contribute to the needs of others. Over the past week, Innovative-IDM Dallas Branch purchased 26 bikes kits, assembled the bikes and delivered them to the Flower Mound Police Department. The bikes and helmets came in a variety of sizes, so that every kid will have a safe and enjoyable ride.  The bikes will be distributed to families in need during the Flower Mound Santa Cop Program next week, ensuring that there are more kids getting to enjoy the spirit of Christmas.

Huge thanks to Gene Gray and Innovative-IDM for putting up the funds to purchase all the bikes and helmets.  We would also like to thank everyone who participated in the bike assembly last Saturday (listed below), and our wonderful Innovative-IDM CIA agents for putting on this event.

We are blessed enough to provide a Merry Christmas for our families/children and feel honored to be able to help kids in need.  It’s Legendary to work for a company that promotes and encourages contributions to our community, whether it’s donations of time or gifts.

Also, a huge shout out to Parker Hannifin for sparking this friendly competition!


Assembly Volunteers:

  • Kelly W. (Human Resource Superstar)
  • Guest – Ricky, Preston, Kaydence, & Lane


  • Gina A. (Customer Service)
  • Guest – Jason & Janet


  • Anabel S. (Customer Service)


  • Cyrus J.(Customer Service)


  • Todd M. (Operations Manager)
  • Guest – Jennifer & Greta


  • Rey C. (Shop Tech)
  • Guest – Diego


  • Gene G. (El Presidente)
  • Guest – Tammy & Nate


  • Lonnie M. (FAE/Training Coordinator)
  • Guest – Gloria


  • Kris H. (Dallas Branch Manager)
  • Guest – Barb, Nick, & Jennifer
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Dallas Branch Survives Halloween Festival

Posted October 31, 2017 by Omar Mediano

Categories: IIDM Behind the Scenes

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Our Dallas branch had a great time Monday with the Innovative-IDM Halloween Festival including a Costume Contest and Pumpkin Carving Contest. The Dallas CIA hosted our monthly Buzz’s Bar & Grill, serving up burgers, hot dogs, brats, salad, chips and handmade corn dip made by Beverly from our Admin Group. Following all the festivities, our team members were spooked by cockroaches and severed fingers when they returned to their desk Tuesday morning.

With a lot of great entries for each, here is a list of the winners.

Dallas Branch Costume Contest:

1st Place – Vida – Killer Joker

2nd Place – Galen – Hippie

Pumpkin Carving Contest:

1st Place – Jesse – Brains

2nd Place  - Tie

Gina – Pumpkin Teeth

Cyrus – Scary Face

3rd Place – Kelly - Owl

Check out fun video

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Hoopla Meetings Fun This Week

Posted August 25, 2017 by Omar Mediano

Categories: IIDM Behind the Scenes


We had some great games this week in our morning Hoopla meetings at Innovative-IDM. First, Kelly Williams brought the Cheeseball Toss to life pinning teams against each other to see how many Cheeseballs they could get caught in the shaving cream on their team members shower cap. Corn-off-the-Cob as able to pull out the win with over 40 Cheeseballs in 60 seconds. Then later in the week, Mario Pena announced an Arm Wrestling match. Each team put their strongest team member in the ring and after 3 wins in a row, Chris Hanchett was able to pull through for the win and extra points for his team, Carlito’s Way.

#innovativeidm #industrialrepairs #industrialmaintenance

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Chilicheesemustardonionrelishdogmania Time Again!!!

Posted July 13, 2017 by Omar Mediano

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Our 2017 Independence Celebration has passed again with completion of our Chilicheesemustardonionrelishdogmania part and Chili Cook-off. This year we had some very close competition with 5 contestants with 5 very unique styles of chili and flavors. With that being said, we had the tightest race in Innovative IDM history. How did the voting occur? Each person who joined our event including Team Members, Omron Sales Reps, and Parker Sales Reps, was given a single poker chip to vote for their favorite chili. At the end of the meal we ended up with a tie for First and Second places.

1st Place – Britt Welch & Cyrus Jahani

2nd Place – Jesse Simental & Kris Hanchette

3rd Place – Dan Managan

We wanted to give a huge shout out to all of the contestants as the margin of victory was not much at all. Thanks to everyone that participated, voted, brought chili, and the Dallas CIA group for putting on the event. We can’t wait to see what happens next year!!

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