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Outsource Control Panel Jobs to Lower Cost, Risk

Posted October 5, 2016 by Pepper Hastings

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Why outsource control panel jobs? One reason is that a panel shop can save you money on parts because many times, the panel shop orders in much larger quantities.

Why outsource control panel jobs? One reason is that a panel shop can save you money on parts because many times, the panel shop orders in much larger quantities.

Should you outsource control panel jobs, or build them yourself? As a manager, the first thought that comes to mind is, "When I build this panel in-house, I am going to save a ton of money on engineering and labor."  Not so fast.

When you use in-house full time employees to build your control panels, it's easy to lose track of how much the labor is actually costing the company per design/build over the course of the year. Also, building your own panels means working in an environment not already setup for panel designs and builds. The result can be diminishing quality of documentation, labeling, and workmanship.

With the efficiency of an experienced panel shop, the man hours that go into these outsource control panel jobs are reduced which will generally offset the increased contract labor cost. Beyond this topic there are many advantages to having a control panel built by a panel shop.

Cost savings in the components because the panel shop buys in higher quantities.

A panel shop can design and program your control system. They already have the design software and most of the  software used by different devices inside the panel. and all of the necessary software’s for the different devices used in the panel.

A quality panel shop is a resource for support. It also should maintain documentation and back up programs for you when you outsource your control panel.

If you require a UL certification, you sure don't want to go through the rigorous certification process for just a few panels. Trust me, it's expensive and time consuming and involves periodic audits. Unless you are already UL certified, outsource control panels that need UL certification.

Panel going into explosive environments or safety systems? It is never a good idea to build your own panels for these types of applications. Outsource control panels when the risk is injury to workers.



If you need to build a mass quantity of panels in a short period of time you may want to outsource some of those builds. This will increase the rate you can build each unit without having to increase manpower.

When you outsource a control panel, you get a warranty. You don’t have to worry about your employee wiring something incorrectly and damaging any of these high-priced components. You'll also have a warranty on the workmanship.

Josh McIver is a Field Applications Engineer in Innovative-IDM's Dallas-area office. You can reach him at josh.mciver@iidm.com

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Outsource to a Contract Manufacturer: Make or Buy?

Posted April 5, 2016 by Pepper Hastings

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Have you considered taking some of your manufacturing process and doing an outsource to a contract manufacturer? In many instances, your decision will depend on your core competencies and where you want to allocate your time and resources.

One of the most common questions in a factory is: Do I want to MAKE IT, or BUY IT?

There are many reasons why a company may decide to outsource a process to a vendor.

  • cost reductions
  • space utilization
  • resource allocation
  • quality improvement

Jack of all trades, master of none

More and more companies are realizing that it takes a great effort to maintain a process in-house where the process is not part of their core capabilities. For example, an OEM that designs and builds CNC Metal Cutting Machines is great at manufacturing said machines, but not so great at building cable assemblies.

Another example: An OEM that is amazing at designing and building Industrial Water Pump Systems, but not so great at building Industrial Control Panels. Or how about a Communications company that design and build best in class Satellite Antenna Products, but struggles with low voltage electronics assemblies?


A contract manufacturer committed to lean production methods can come to your plant and do a Gemba walk. Infographic source: www.traccsolutions.com

When to Outsource to a Contract Manufacturer

Making a "Make or Buy" decision to outsource to a contract manufacturer can be simple if you ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Is this a proprietary process of our core products? Is this process part of our core capabilities?
  2. Will outsourcing this process reduce the quality of our products? If you answer no to these questions, then more than likely the process is a good candidate to outsource.

See, there are companies built to service these specific processes, for example, metal fabrication shops, cable assembly shops, industrial control panel shops, etc. They have the equipment, tools, space, and expertise to deliver quality products to their customers, and, therefore, can offer great quality parts and service at an affordable price. Bringing in-house a process requires a big invest in capital equipment and people. Regardless of the current backlog and the state of the business, companies have to keep their investment in equipment and people productive. If a process is outsourced, then the burden is passed on to a business diversified in the specific process. Or, if the orders stop coming in, and the process is kept in-house, then companies find themselves in a predicament.

I find that doing a Gemba walk is the best way to figure out which internal processes are good candidates to outsource. Gemba is a Japanese word for The Place, a Gemba walk is when you walk to The Place where humans are creating value for the customer. Doing the Gemba walk gives you the opportunity to speak with the process owner, who are those people in the front lines adding value to the customer.

The welder, the wiring tech, the assembler, the operator....It’s incredible how quickly they let you know what bugs them, what tasks are those that they wish they didn’t have to perform. More than likely someone has a machine that performs that task more efficiently and at a lower cost. And even better, they are probably just down the road. When you remove the tasks that bug your best employees, and when you improve their morale by eliminating what bugs them, then you improve your business on a human level.

No matter who you choose as a contract manufacturing partner, make sure they have the  space, tools, quality systems, and most importantly people who know how to produce a really great looking control panel. I love doing Gemba walks. Contact me and we can do it together at your place.

Luis Santeliz


Luis Santeliz is Innovative-IDM’s Lean/Process Manager, he has a B.S. Degree from Northern Illinois University in Manufacturing Engineering Technology. You can contact him at luis.santeliz@iidm.com.


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