Pre-Assembled Industrial Components

Pneumatic Assemblies Mechanical Assemblies DIN Rail Assemblies

Assemblies Make Your Line More Efficient

Save purchasing time with one source, one line-item orders and one bill to pay. Gain production efficiency with one pre-assembled component to pull from the shelf and install. Pre-assembled industrial components are used in about every control panel. You could buy each component from different suppliers, cut multiple orders, have dozens of boxes to unpack and then build your assemblies in-house. Or, you could outsource your pneumatic, mechanical, din rail or cable assemblies to Innovative-IDM.

Pneumatic Assemblies

Assemblies, Kits, Panels, Manifolds

Let our technicians assemble all of your pneumatics needs. We'll issue a unique part number for your assembly. This means future assemblies are easy to order (one part number instead of multiples) and receive into your inventory. We test all assemblies before your receive them, ensuring they are correct the first time.

Mechanical Assemblies

Extruded Aluminum, Automation, Motion

We can plan, design and build any combination of automation and motion parts you need into one pre-assembled industrial component. Your purchasing department can now work with one internal part number instead of issuing cumbersome POs with multiple parts, and your inventory management is simplified.

Din Rail Assemblies

Terminal Blocks, Circuit Breakers, Contactors

We can do it faster, better and neater. Your terminal block assembly again benefits from having just one part number instead of many different ones, making future ordering simple and fast for OEMs. Your terminal block will be neatly labeled allowing for easy maintenance and identification for future MRO maintenance and/or rewiring.

Cable Assemblies

Cut-to-length, Custom Connectors, Cable Assembly, Wire Harnesses

Innovative-IDM can help with all of your wire needs. Use us as your source for custom connectors, cable assemblies and wire harnessing.