Custom Control Panels

Custom Control Panels

Custom Control Panel Design and Manufacturing

When you have an application requiring a custom control panel but don't have the resources to design one in-house, you have to outsource. Ideally, you tell your chosen provider what you need and they take it from there, designing the panel and specifying the parts to go in it. If your provider can build your panel they will put their purchasers to work, pricing parts from various distributors.  If not, you have to find another provider to manufacture your design. Once the panel is complete, you then have to make sure it is installed, programmed properly and works with your system.


Support Throughout the Life of Your Panel

Innovative-IDM has the capability to work with you throughout the life of your panel, from design to retrofit. Not only will we design your custom control panel, we are a distributor for blue chip automation manufacturers and will specify quality parts in-house, cutting out the middle man. Our UL508A panel shop will then assemble and quality check your panel. We will program it and install it at your facility.

Our service doesn't stop there. Your control panel won't be new forever and will require troubleshooting over time. Our field service technicians are on call 24/7 to perform repairs and maintenance as needed. As components like drives or PLCs require upgrade, our technicians can help with your retrofit.