Control Panel Installation and Start Up

Automation System Installation

We Get You Up and Running

Our service capabilities don't stop with the delivery of your new control panel.  With all of the equipment relying on that panel for power or programming, there is still a lot of work to be done in order to get your line running.


With your panel in place there are inputs, outputs, power, motors, sensors, and more to be wired into the control panel. Who better to install your panel than the team that designed it?

Start Up

Once your panel is wired and ready to go, we don't consider the job done without testing and start up. Checking to make sure all of the inputs work and that your machines are being controlled and are communicating as they should are examples of what takes place during start up.  We set up drives, if necessary, and make sure your motors are running.  We'll be there to take care of any adjustments needed to get your production going.