SMC Digital Pressure Switches


Digital Pressure Switches


Digital pressure switches monitor positive and vacuum pressures, displaying instantaneous readings, as well as transmitting output signals when critical set points are detected.  Switch outputs can trigger machine controls for continuing operation, emergency response, or maintenance.  An amazing set of capabilities are packed into an inch-sized cube.


Features and Benefits

  • Vacuum, compound, and positive pressure ranges from -101kPa to 1.0MPa
  • 2 switch outputs along with an analog current or voltage output
  • IP65 compliant for wet or dusty environments
  • CE, UL/CSA, RoHS
  • M8 3-pin, M12 4-pin, and M12 5-pin connectors available
  • Choose 1 of 7 display units for a variety of install locations
  • Optimize readability with display calibration, anti-chatter, and zero clear
  • Protect settings with key lock and password code security functions
  • Auto calculate ideal min/max switch values for vacuum pick and release

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