Industrial Control Panels

Industrial Control Panels for Your Application


If you have a concept or design for a control panel, we can help. Our UL508A panel shop will manufacture industrial control panels for your specific application, from single panels to high volume controls. We have manufactured panels for customers in industries such as: food and beverage, extrusion, petrochemical, centrifuge, plastics, metal, punch-press and more.

Control Panel Examples

HVAC Assembly Line Control Panel

HVAC Assembly Line Control Panel

Hot project at this consumer air conditioner assembly plant. They wanted to modernize an old facility with a high tech, motion-controlled line. Innovative-IDM provided the engineering and control panel manufacturing muscle to bring the new line to life under extremely tight deadlines. Problem solved!

Plastics Extruder Panel

Plastics Extruder Panel

This plastics extrusion facility used their proprietary programming and design as part of their competitive advantage. Yet they trusted Innovative-IDM enough to build the extruder control panel and come onsite to perform the PLC/VFD start-up. Isn’t that the kind of contract manufacturing company you want to deal with?

16 Axis Punch Press Control

16-Axis Punch Press Control Panel

This OEM won a government contract to manufacture multiple specialty punch press machines. Guess who they trusted to design and build the first control panel for this important project? Innovative-IDM also did the programming, systems integration and the onsite start-up.

Multi Axis Motion Blanker Control

Multi-Axis Motion Blanker Control Panel

Paper cups were flying off the assembly line after Innovative-IDM did the onsite start-up for this blanker machine control panel. Our programmers ensured the VFDs and Touchscreen were communicating via EthernetIP. Digital high-speed MechatroLink raced communications between the servo amp and the machine controller unit.

Volume Contract Manufacturing

Large Volume Contract Manufacturing

A contract manufacturing partner allows the OEM to skip personnel challenges and inventory overhead inherent to a panel shop. Innovative-IDM completes thousands of high volume control panels and mechanical and pneumatic assemblies each year. This saves the OEM resources and increases throughput time without compromising quality and workmanship.

Remote VFD Panel

Remote VFD Control Panel

This remote VFD control panel was built to control all ice makers, compressors, condensers, ammonia detection systems, conveyors, and exhaust fans in our client’s plant. It also designed to prevent ice overflow, saving hours of downtime and thousands of pounds of wasted ice. New programming controls conveyor load, leading to a 15% increase in production. All communications were done over Ethernet/IP.