Wittenstein Servo Right-Angle Gearheads

Wittenstein Servo Right-Angle Gearheads

RPK+, TK+ / TPK+ / TPK+ High Torque, SK+ / SPK+, HG+, SC+ / SPC+ / TPC+, LK+ / LPK+ / LPBK+, V-Drive+ / V-Drive Economy

RPK+ – Sets standards in terms of power density, modularity and easy installation. The new RPK+ combines the advantages of the RP+ high performance planetary gearhead with state-of-the-art hypoid gearing. The RPK+ high-performance planetary gearhead is optimized for rack and pinion applications.


TK+/TPK+/TPK+ High Torque – Hypoid gearheads with many different variants as well as a TP+ compatible output flange and hollow shaft.


SK+/SPK+ – New right-angle precision as classic shaft version. The successor to our versatile hypoid gearhead with SP+ compatible output shaft (SK+), with optional planetary stage (SPK+). The low torsional backlash and high torsional rigidity of the SK+/SPK+ give your drives the required positioning accuracy and assure the precision of your machine, even in highly dynamic operation.


HG+ – Hypoid gearhead family member with a hollow shaft on one or both sides With the HG+ low torsional backlash and high torsional rigidity assure maximum positioning accuracy of your drives and precision of your machines – even during highly dynamic operation.


SC+/SPC+/TPC+ – The right-angle gearhead portfolio is rounded off at low ratios by the powerful bevel gearhead family. The gearheads are available with output shaft and output flange and are positioned in an application segment in which maximum dynamics and precision at very high output speeds are a must.


LK+/LPK+/LPBK+ – The reliable and durable LK+/LPK+ right-angle gearheads are ideal for all applications where economical precision is a must.


V-Drive+/V-Drive Economy – The servo worm gearhead with solid shaft, hollow shaft and hollow shaft flange outputs. With its consistently high positioning accuracy and low torsional backlash of < 3 arcmin, the V-Drive+ sets new benchmarks among servo worm gearheads. These outstanding quality characteristics facilitate an optimal blend of power and precision. With these exceptional quality features, an optimum power-to-precision ratio is achieved.