WAGO Rail-Mounted Terminal Block Systems

WAGO Rail-Mounted Terminal Block Systems

Rail-Mounted Terminal Block Systems

DIN rail terminal blocks were forever changed when WAGO introduced its patented CAGE CLAMP® spring pressure termination technology in 1977. This reduced wiring time by up to 50%, while delivering a reliable, maintenance free connection independent of operator skill. The success of this innovation led to further developments such as CAGE CLAMP® Compact, FIT CLAMP®, POWER CAGE CLAMP, and TOPJOB®S with CAGE CLAMP®S.


CAGE CLAMP® ClassicWAGO’s broadest range of top and side entry DIN rail terminal blocks, the CAGE CLAMP® Classic, with the original CAGE CLAMP®, also offers the widest selection of wire sizes for solid, stranded and ferruled conductors.


CAGE CLAMP® Compact – As its name implies, the top entry CAGE CLAMP® Compact is a focused offering that meets the need of space constrained applications for a limited range of solid, stranded, and ferruled conductors.


FIT CLAMP® – Incorporating insulation displacement connection (IDC) technology, top entry FIT CLAMP® also offers hybrid versions with CAGE CLAMP®.


POWER CAGE CLAMP – POWER CAGE CLAMP side entry terminal blocks were designed for high current applications requiring larger solid, stranded, or ferruled conductors.


TOPJOB®S – WAGO’s latest and expanding range of top entry terminal blocks. TOBJOB®S, with Push-in CAGE CLAMP®, offers all the benefits of the original CAGE CLAMP®, including screwdriver termination of stranded conductors, with the added benefit of directly inserting solid or ferruled conductors.

Rounding out the product line are the matrix/patch system and the shield connection system. In addition, a full line of accessories such as jumpers, test plugs, marking, etc. are available for each product family. Just like the original CAGE CLAMP® concept, these accessories increase the overall reliability, throughput and safety of your electrical equipment.