WAGO Pluggable Connector Systems

WAGO Pluggable Connector Systems

Pluggable Connector Systems

WAGO offers a wide range of pluggable installation connectors (acc. to IEC 61535/EN 61984), industrial connectors (acc. to IEC/EN 61984), and specialty connectors (e.g., shaft installation for elevators).

WINSTA®, the MULTI CONNECTION SYSTEM (MCS), and picoMAX®, provide you with three product series that enable quick and easy realization of the most diverse connection requirements.

The right solution for any application: WINSTA® for safe and time-saving building installation, PCB connectors for device connection, and flying leads for different mounting types.


WINSTA Pluggable Installation Connectors (IEC 61535) – The WINSTA® system forms the electrical interface from power supply and distribution to electrical loads (e.g., lights), including data processing (bus lines in building automation).


Industrial Pluggable Connectors acc. To IEC 61984 – The universal pluggable connection system from WAGO. For wire sizes of 0.08–10 mm² and a huge selection of different versions in 8 different connector product families (MCS: MICRO, MINI, MINI HD, MINI SL, MIDI, MIDI CLASSIC, MAXI as well as picoMAX®).


Specialty Connectors – Connectors for special applications, e.g., tap-off connectors for elevator engineering, connectors for racks or power connectors for mounting on carrier rails round out the comprehensive range of products from WAGO.