SMC Electrical Products

SMC Electrical Products

Electrical Products

Electronic Regulators – Featuring a lightweight design, the ITV electronic pressure regulator uses an electronic input signal and provides precise air pressure control proportional to the electrical input signal. It also incorporates in analog or switched output for feedback as well as in easy to read LED display. Two sizes are currently available to meet different flow requirements.


Pressure Switches – The SMC digital pressure switch series has been designed to meet the diverse needs of our customer base. Various options include IP65 protection, 2 color display, fluid switch, stainless construction, and high purity options. A compact size option also exists. Applications for digital pressure switches include areas such as positioning, leakage testing, and supply pressure verification.


Vacuum Flow Switches – Vacuum Flow switches are widely used for automatic vacuum control for air and inert gases. SMC vacuum flow switches can be used for small electrical loads such as relays and programmable controllers. Other vacuum flow switch features include easy electrical wiring, wide calibration range, high frequency operation and long life.


Flow Switches – The SMC series of flow switches are applicable with a wide range of fluids including water, deionized water, and wetted metal parts materials such as copper, alloy, and stainless steel. Some features across the series include integrated flow adjustment valve and temperature sensor, 3 color display, and optional compact sizes.