Post Glover Motor Control

Post Glover Motor Control

Motor Control Resistors

Post Glover specializes in motor control resistors — the most popular use of our resistors — for severe duty applications. Our resistors make it possible to start and stop extremely powerful electric motors — such as those on cranes, compressors, and pumps — with safety and precision.

The resistor functions to control the torque and/or speed of an electrical motor or limit the initial current inrush to an acceptable level. This is accomplished through the use of manual or magnetic controls, or with solid-state controls.

In harsh environments, such as foundries and steel mills, motors and resistors must be able to withstand “plugging” — a type of motor braking provided by reversing the voltage polarity or phase sequence so that the motor develops a counter-torque and brakes the load.

They must also withstand dynamic braking, fast acceleration of heavy loads, large amounts of dust and dirt, and occasional operator abuse. In these instances, Post Glover’s stainless steel stamped grid resistors offer excellent service and cost efficiency.

The most popular uses of Post Glover resistors are control of AC wound rotor induction motors (slip ring motors), DC series wound motors, and AC squirrel cage induction motors. Our resistors are also commonly used for wye-delta closed-transition starting applications.