Parker SSD Servo Drives

Parker SSD Servo Drives

Servo Drives

AC890 Series

  • Range: Up to 1171A
  • Control: Open or closed loop PMAC servo motor control
  • Safety: Standard, EN18849-1, PL3 or SIL3
  • Description: Printing machinery (shaftless), high performance test equipment, multi-axis torque motor control, very high power applications


Digivex Series: DLD, DSD, DMD, DPD, DPM

  • Range: 2 to 300A
  • Control: Speed control (Digivex Drive) or motion control (Digivex Motion)
  • Safety: No
  • Description: Machine tools, where optimum speed or torque regulation is required. (Integrated resistor or regenerative braking)


638 Series

  • Range: 2 to 30A
  • Control: Torque, speed or position control
  • Safety: Category – 3; EN18849-1
  • Description: Packaging machine, palletization and most special purpose machinery (internal motion controller)


RTS Series

  • Range: Up to 40A
  • Control: Open or closed loop speed control of DC servo motors
  • Safety: No
  • Description: RTS servo amplifier are designed for driving DC servo motors. They integrate main supply, auxiliary supply and braking resistor circuits in a compact package