PARKER Motors and Rotary Positioners

Parker Motors and Rotary Positioners

Servo Motors, Systems and Rotary Positioners

Rotary Servo Motors

  • SM Series Brushless Servo Motors – The SM Series brushless servo motors feature a slotless stator design. This design eliminates all detent torque in the motor, allowing the SM Series motors to provide extremely smooth motion, especially at low speeds. The slotless design also creates a higher rotor inertia, which is ideal for applications involving high inertial loads (such as lead screws and belt drives).
  • BE Series Motors – Parker’s BE Series brushless servo motors produce high continuous stall torque in a cost-saving and performance enhancing package.
  • MPW Stainless Steel Servo Motor – The new MPW Series extends the MPP motor family to meet the needs of those applications exposed to high pressure, highly caustic, washdown environments.
  • Frameless Kit Motors – Frameless Kit Motors are the ideal solution for machine designs that require high performance in small spaces. Kit Motors allow for direct integration with a mechanical transmission device, eliminating parts that add size and complexity. Use of Frameless Kit Motors results in a smaller, more reliable motor package.
  • MPP/MPJ Series Motors – Utilizing eight-pole segmented lamination technology, the MPP produces more torque in a shorter package. Use MPP motors for higher torque applications, customization options, or when high performance is required.
  • MPE Series Motors – The new MPE Series is an economical servo motor that extends the MPP motor family to smaller sizes.

Linear Servo Motors

  • 400LXR Table Series – The 400LXR Series linear servo motor tables are pre-engineered “plug and play” modules that combine slotless linear motor technology with performance matched mechanical elements to provide, high acceleration, high velocity, and quick settling, with accurate, highly repeatable positioning.
  • I-FORCE Ironless Motors – Parker’s I-Force Ironless Linear Motors offer high forces and rapid accelerations in a compact package. With forces ranging from 24.5 N (5.5 lbf) to 878.6 N (197.5 lbf) continuous up to 108.5 N (24.5 lbf) to 3928 N (883 lbf) peak, the I-Force family offers a superior combination of performance and size.
  • I-FORCE Ironless Motor Positioners – Parker’s I-Force linear positioners utilize our high-performance I-Force ironless linear motors in a pre-engineered, easily integrated, ready-to-run package. The principal design goal for these positioners is to achieve high performance at an economical cost while preserving the design flexibility to accommodate customization.
  • RIPPED Ironcore Motors – Parker RIPPED ironcore linear motors, with their patented anti-cog technology, produce the large forces needed for many industrial applications – without the roughness associated with traditional ironcore linear motors.
  • RIPPED Ironcore Positioners –  Combined with RIPPED ironcore motors — with their patentpending anti-cog technology, these linear motor tables produce extremely smooth motion and can be used in many applications where ironless motors traditionally were needed.
  • ML18 Ironless Motor – ML18 provides high performance and a more compact solution for your application needs.

Direct Drive Servo Systems

  • Compact Servo Drive – P Series – The P-Series drives operate with a variety of machine control architectures and offer sophisticated servo functionality. The best matches are the P-Series motors, which includes absolute encoders and populate motor nameplate data back to the drives for simplified commissioning.
  • Precision Direct Drive Rotary Table

Rotary Positioners

  • RT Series Precision Rotary Tables – The 200RT Series Rotary Tables are designed for precise motor-driven rotary positioning and indexing. These tables are designed to function independently or in conjunction with linear tables used for precision automation applications.
  • RM Series Industrial Rotary Tables – The Rotary Stage Series offers an unparalleled combination of high accuracy and high load capacity. These rotary stages utilize a precision worm gear with the worm “flexed” against the gear to ensure a proper mesh. This feature provides high repeatability with very smooth operation.

Stepper Motors

  • ES, ZETA and S Stepper Motors – Quality motors that give a smoother velocity performance
  • LV and HV Step Motors – The LV 11, 14 and 17 frame motors are ideal for spaceconstrained or miniature-motion applications. This series also includes 23 and 34 frame sizes for larger applications requiring more torque. The LV motors are rated for use with drives running up to 80 VDC. The HV series includes 17, 23 and 34 frame motor sizes for use with drives running off of 120 VAC power.