Parker Automation Control Systems

Parker Automation Control Systems

Automation Control, Servo Systems, Stepper Systems


  • ACR9000 – The ACR9000 is Parker’s premier standalone motion controller, capable of controlling up to 8 axes of motion. It excels as a standalone machine and motion controller, interfacing with or working alongside a PLC.
  • ACR9000-EPL (ETHERNET Powerlink) – ETHERNET Powerlink expands the ACR9000 family by adding real-time motion control over standard Ethernet. The high-speed digital communications network enhances machine performance and configuration possibilities while reducing set-up time and installation complexity.
  • ACR9600 – The ACR96xx controllers combine PLC programming with advanced motion control. Includes ACR-View software with all configuration, programming and diagnostics tools in a single environment.
  • Parker Automation Controller – Designed for the global machine market, the Parker Automation Controller (PAC) combines advanced logic, signal handling, multi-axis motion, and visualization into one performance-driven solution.


Servo Drive / Controllers

  • ViX Servo Drive / Controller – Available in both drive-only and intelligent-drive/controller platforms, the ViX family gives users a robust and cost-effective DC product, particularly in multi-axis applications.
  • Compax3 Servo Drive / Controller – The modular structure of the Compax3 family allows options such as intelligent motion controllers, communication interfaces and industry standard motor feedback.
  • Aries Controller – The Aries Controller combines the versatile and cost-effective Aries digital servo drive platform with the advanced control capabilities of the ACR servo controller into a single product, the Aries Controller single-axis drive-controller.
  • Compax3M Servo Drive / Controller – The C3M drives take advantage of a common power supply and share a braking resistor, capacitance and a mains filter. In addition to the benefits of the overall Compax3 family, the multi-axis C3M offers the smallest footprint for multi-axis installations.
  • Intelligent Parker Amplifier – The new Intelligent Parker Amplifier or IPA, is a 1.5 axis servo drive/controller based on the ACR control platform.


Stepper Drive / Controllers

  • Gemini GT6 Microstepping Drive / Controller – The Gemini GT is the digital stepper drive member of the Gemini Family. The Gemini GT is easily configurable and programmable via RS232/485 using Compumotor’s Motion PlannerTM on a PC or Pocket Motion PlannerTM on a Window’s CETM-based palm PC.
  • Gemini GT6K Microstepping Drive / Controller
  • ViX Microstepping Drive / Controller – Available in both drive-only and intelligent-drive/controller platforms, the ViX family gives users a robust and cost-effective DC product, particularly in multi-axis applications.
  • OFS 350-OSC Microstepping Drive / Controller – The OFS350-DRI is a microstepping drive offering 400 to 12,800 steps per revolution, a step phase sequencer with MOSFET three-state switching amp


Servo Drives

  • Compact Servo Drive – P Series – The P-Series drives operate with a variety of machine control architectures and offer sophisticated servo functionality. The best matches are the P-Series motors, which includes absolute encoders and populate motor nameplate data back to the drives for simplified commissioning.
  • High Performance Servo Drive – PSD – The Parker Servo Drive family, or PSD1, combines the latest in high performance servo technology with features that provide unique value to OEMs and machine builders. Hiperface DSL feedback greatly reduces complexity with only one cable connection between drive and motor. A removable SD card enables rapid drive exchange and software updates.


Stepper Drives

  • ZETA Microstepping Drives – These microstepping drives are stand-alone, packaged microstepping drives that incorporate breakthrough techniques know as Active DampingTM (patented) and Electronic ViscosityTM (patent pending).
  • E-AC Microstepping Drive – The design of the E-AC is based on the design of Parker’s proven Zeta and OEM750 microstepping drives. It provides up to 3.5 Amps of current to the motor and accepts 120VAC direct-online power only.
  • E-DC Microstepping Drive
  • P2 Drive – The P2 stepper drive is an OEM-friendly miniature motion drive capable of up to 2 Amps in a 1 x 1 x 3.3 inch square package.