Omron Sensors

Omron Sensing

Photoelectric Sensors, Fiber Optic Sensors, Proximity Sensors, Limit Switches, Vision Sensors and Systems, Measurement Sensors, Rotary Encoders, Auto ID Systems, Ultrasonic Sensors

Photoelectric Sensors – The industry standard photoelectric sensors provide the highest reliability for object and passage detection from short to long distance detection, in special environments, for special mounting conditions, special objects or special connectivity requirements.


Fiber Optic Sensors – For high sensing performance with embedded intelligence for the most reliable operation and simple information sharing, choose the performance you need from our portfolio of advanced amplifiers and the wide range of sensor heads for even the most demanding applications.


Proximity Sensors – The industry standard inductive sensors provide the highest reliability for machine part and metal object detection from short to long distance detection, in special environments, for special mounting conditions, special applications or special connectivity requirements.


Limit Switches – The limit switches / mechanical sensors provide accurate and reliable machine part and object position detection. The intuitive installation, the direct load switching up to 10A, the cost efficient direct wiring connection to terminal blocks and the high resistance to changing environmental influences make limit switches the first choice in many installations.


Vision Sensors & Systems – Omron Vision Sensors – The eyes of your process Our vision products offer varying degrees of intelligence to allow the most suitable solution to be selected for your problem – From “easy vision – teach & go” to high-end, network-ready, high-resolution vision engines.


Measurement Sensors – For the highest measurement performance on all kinds of surfaces and objects. The Smart sensors are the answer for high speed, high resolution applications at any distance. The easy system integration assures a “zero-defect process”.


Rotary Encoders – Choose the performance you need from Omron’s portfolio of incremental and absolute encoders providing different resolutions, shaft diameters and connectivity options.


Auto Identification System – Code reading and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) are the technologies to identify and trace products in any process in the factory floor. The Omron portfolio of Ident Systems offers a complete portfolio of portable, fixed and network ready systems.


Ultrasonic Sensors – Omron’s Ultrasonic family of sensors is capable of meeting your sensing needs regardless of color and patterns. These sensors enable reliable detection of a wide variety of applications that are difficult to detect using conventional photoelectrics, proximity and vision sensors. The Omron range of ultrasonic sensors are ideal for a number of situations, whether it is detection film, bottles and containers or compact sizes for applications where spacing is a concern or even to ultrasonic sensors that are user friendly and easy to program and use.