Omron Motion and Drives

Omron Motion and Drives

Machine Automation Controllers, Motion Controllers, Servo Systems, Frequency Inverters, Robots

Machine Automation Controllers – Sysmac is an integrated automation platform dedicated to providing complete control and management of your automation plant. At the core of this platform, the Machine Controller series offers synchronous control of all machine devices and advanced functionality such as motion, robotics and database connectivity. This multidisciplinary concept allows you to simplify solution architecture, reduce programming and optimize productivity.


Motion Controllers – Be it for stand-alone, PLC-based or servo-based motion controllers, we are the right choice. Omron motion controllers offer programming simplicity without compromising on system performance from 1 to 256 axes. Functions like axis interpolation, master-slave, e-cam and multi-axis synchronization over conventional I/Os or a robust digital servo-link are readily available.


Servo Systems – Omron’s range of servo systems is unique in offering the highest dynamic performance in the most compact size. Add to that an unparalleled reliability and you understand why our range of servos enjoys the largest installed base worldwide.


Frequency Inverters – Omron inverters are specifically designed to drive machines. They have been developed to harmonize motor and machine control. Thanks to their advanced design they provide smooth control down to zero speed, plus precise operation for fast cyclic operations and torque control capability in open and closed loop configuration. Created by a true leader in machine automation.


Robots – Omron offers a wide range of robotics solutions which is ideal for Pick & Place applications. The new solutions centered on Delta robots allow you to build very high through-put machines that handle more than one hundred picking operations per minute. With more than 70 robot models, the SCARA based solutions are excellent when you face heavy part handling in combination with high speed cycles. If precise positioning is requested then the Linear motor family provides repeatability down to the micrometer level which is reachable even while the machine performs high dynamics tasks.