Leeson DC Motors

Leeson DC Motors

DC Motors

SCR Rated / General Purpose – High Voltage permanent magnet DC motors are typically used with an SCR controller in applications requiring adjustable speed and constant torque throughout the speed range. They are widely used in applications requiring dynamic braking or adjustable speed/reversing capabilities.

Mechanical / Electrical Features:

  • Brush holder design provides easy access to brushes
  • Large oversized brushes assure long brush life
  • Removable Bolt-on base
  • NEMA C-face designs
  • 115 or 230 volt input power ratings – 90 / 180 volt output
  • Capable of Dynamic braking
  • PWM or SCR type controller rated
  • High Starting Torque

Other Leeson DC Motors

  • Washguard Duty
  • Low Voltage
  • Sub-Fractional HP
  • Explosion Proof
  • IEC Metric