Hammond Power Solutions Low Voltage Distribution

Hammond Power Solutions Low Voltage Distribution

Low Voltage Distribution

HPS proudly offers a variety of transformer types and energy efficiency levels to meet your most demanding applications. Regardless of your global location we have a transformer that fits your application needs, designed, tested and certified accordingly. HPS Efficiency Logo v7

Our DOE 2016 product lines, compliant to the latest US DOE 10 CFR part 431 (effective Jan 1, 2016), offer the following product types:

•HPS Sentinel G – General Purpose

•HPS Sentinel K – K-Factor

•HPS Sentinel H – Harmonic Mitigation

To meet the Canadian Energy Efficiency Regulations SOR/94-651 and the CSA C802.2 efficiency levels we offer the following product lines:

•HPS Sentinel – General Purpose

•HPS Synergy – K-Factor

•HPS Centurion – Harmonic Mitigation

We can also provide low voltage distribution transformers for your applications that do not require a high energy efficiency level, being exempt from the above regulations.

HPS also offers two unique Encapsulated Distribution Transformer lines:

•HPS Titan – for Industrial Applications

•HPS Fortress – for Commercial Applications