Baldor AC Motors

Baldor AC Motors

General Purpose, Severe Duty, Washdown Duty, Explosion Proof, Pump, HVAC, Farm Duty, Definite Purpose, Unit Handling, IEC Frame, Variable Speed Motors

General Purpose AC Motors – Baldor’s extensive line of General Purpose motors are available in a wide variety of construction enclosures from industrial steel band open designs to harsh applications requiring totally enclosed cast iron designs in both single and three phase. Designed for “general purpose” use means that these motors can be used in many applications. The Super E Motors (EM & CEM) provide NEMA Premium efficiency and are designed as standard to be inverter ready with wide variable torque speed ranges.

  • Three Phase Enclosed Motors
  • Three Phase Open Motors
  • Single Phase Enclosed Motors
  • Single Phase Open Motors


Severe Duty Baldor’s extensive line of Severe Duty motors are designed to provide exceptional performance and long life in harsh industrial processing applications.  These premium construction motors include features desiged to protect against contamination, moisture, vibration and demanding duty cycles. Super-E electrical designs are available on Severe Duty motors to create a packaged solution that reduces energy consuption and handles the punishment of the application.

  • General Severe Duty Motors
  • IEEE 841 Motors
  • 661 XL Motors
  • Dirty Duty Motors
  • Quarry Duty – Design C Motors
  • Crusher Duty Motors
  • Oil Well Pump – Design D Motors
  • Dirty Duty Autophoretic Motors


Washdown Duty – Baldor offers the widest variety of Washdown Duty motors available from stock. Better performance & reliability are the inspirations behind Baldor’s new and improved Washdown Duty motors. We accomplished this by adding features like an improved paint system, Baldor’s Inverter Spike Resistant insulation system, Class F insulation with Class B (or lower) temperature rise, Mobil Polyrex® EM grease, customer-friendly drain plugs, and shaft seals.

  • White Washdown Motors
  • Super White Washdown Motors
  • Feather Picker Motors
  • Brake Motors
  • Vector Motors
  • Inverter Motors
  • Close-Coupled Pump Motors
  • 56J Jet Pump Motors
  • Stainless Steel Motors
  • Paint Free Motors


Explosion Proof

  • Explosion Proof General Purpose Motors
  • Explosion Proof Severe Duty, 1.15 SF Motors
  • Drill Rig Duty, 1.15 SF Motors
  • Explosion Proof Pump Motors
  • Explosion Proof Inverter Duty Motors


Pump – Baldor’s line of Pump motors includes single or three phase jet pump motors, square flange motors, close-coupled pump motors, and P-Base vertical solid shaft pump motors. The motors are stocked in totally enclosed fan cooled, open drip proof, and many explosion proof ratings.  Motor construction can be tailored for specific applications and industries such as food processing, washdown applications or explosion proof enclosures for pumps in hazardous areas. Applications for these run the gamut from swimming pool pumps to medium and high thrust in-line pumps used in water treatment plants. Horse powers range in size from 1/3 through 75 HP.

  • 56J Jet Pump Motors
  • JM, JP, WCP Close Coupled Motors
  • Vertical P-Base Motors
  • Submersible/Immersible Motors


HVAC – Baldor offers a complete line of motors designed for use in the harshest HVAC appliations. We have motors available with integrated internal shaft grounding systems. Motors for Chiller/Cooling Towers, Condenser and fan applications, and more. We can also build custom version of any stock motor we have for any specialized HVAC application. contact your local baldor district office for more information.

  • General Purpose HVAC Motors
  • Chiller / Cooling Tower Motors
  • Fan and Blower Motors
  • Condensor Fan Motors
  • Shaft Grounding Motors
  • Yoke/Pedestal Fan Motors


Farm Duty – Baldor offers a full line of single and three phase Farm Duty motors for use in a wide variety of agricultural and industrtial applications. We also have the capabilty of building custom designs for any specialized application you may have. Contact you local baldor district office for more information.

  • Aeration Fan Motors
  • Auger Drive Motors
  • Dairy/Vacuum Pump Motors
  • Direct Drive Fan Motors
  • General Farm Duty Motors
  • Grain Dryer/Centrifugal Fan Motors
  • Grain Dryer / Vane Axial Fan Motors
  • Grain Stirring Motors
  • Incubator / Hatchery Vent Fan Motors
  • Instant Reversing Motors
  • Irrigation Tower Drive Motors Metering Pump Motors
  • Premium Efficient Farm Duty Motors
  • Universal Crop Dryer Motors


Definite Purpose – The Definite Purpose family of motors covers many applications and encompasses many industries. This family includes three phase Two speed, Single phase Pressure Washer, Arbor Saw, Woodworking, Pre-1952 NEMA, U-Frame, Automotive Duty, Aluminum, TENV, 42C frame and Synchronous Permanent Magnet motors.

  • 2 Speed Motors
  • Pressure Washer Motors
  • Arbor Saw Motors
  • Woodworking Motors
  • Pre-1952 NEMA Motors
  • U-Frame Motors
  • Automotive Duty Motors
  • Synchronous Permanent Magnet Motors


Unit Handling – Baldor•Reliance has four unique solutions for unit handling applications: Motor only, High Cycle Brake motors, D-Series Brake motors, and Short Series Brake motors.  These motors are avaialble in stock ratings ranging from 1/2 HP thru 10 HP (56 thru 215 frames).

  • General Unit Handling Motors
  • High Cycle Brake Motors
  • D-Series Brake Motors
  • Short-Series Brake Motors


IEC Frame Motors – ABB & Baldor  offer a wide range of low voltage motors with improved efficiency and lifecycle value.  Our motors are suitable for a broad number industries and applications.

  • Process Performance Motors
  • Brake Motors
  • Roller Table Motors
  • Smoke Extraction Motors
  • General Performance Motors
  • Permanent Magnet Motors
  • Water Cooled Motors
  • Motors for Explosion Atmospheres
  • Laminated Frame Motors
  • Baldor IEC Frame Motors


Variable Speed AC

  • AC Laminated Rame – RPMAC Motors
  • AC VS Master Motors
  • AC Inverter / Vector Duty Motors
  • Cooling Tower Motors