ABB Low Voltage Network Quality Capacitors

ABB Low Voltage Network Quality Capacitors

Low Voltage Network Quality Capacitors

We have a wide range of standard and custom design capacitor units for small KVAR values, typically from 2 to 100KVAR. In addition, we provide stepwise KVAR compensation with capacitor banks, plain and detuned, standard and custom, all the way up to 1200KVAR, from 208V to 600V. Our SCR-driven Dynacomp series provides instantaneous, precise and stepless compensation.

Dry type = lowest possibility of burn outs = maximum safety

Internally protected = each element carries fuse protection

Metallized film = best dielectric properties in dry type design

Self-healing = failures are contained and localized instantly

Modular design = longer operating life of capacitor

Rugged design = safe and reliable operation at all times

100% ABB design & build = best quality control