Pro vs. Joes: 400 Meter Challenge

Posted May 23, 2019 by Pepper Hastings

Categories: IIDM Behind the Scenes

It started as a hallway conversation. Our own Preston Ross was talking about how he ran the 400 meter event at Crowley High School. Claimed he ran a sub-one minute time. Todd Mueller said he could get three other guys from work and beat him in a relay vs. solo 400 meter challenge.

So it became that a team (Mueller, Jesse Simental, Rob Phillimore and Omar Mediano) with combined years closer to 150 raced against a single person closer to 25. What happened? Watch the video. Winning time was about 1.15. BTW, the world records for the 400 meter and the 4x100 are 43.03 and 36.84 respectively.

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