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Webinars on demand: Learning at your convenience.

Webinars on demand: Learning is convenient and at your own pace. Innovative-IDM webinars on demand are powered by Vimeo, which means an enjoyable learning experience on any of your devices. Gotta minute? Time to learn.

Webinars on demand are a valuable tool for career advancement and learning. With on-demand, you can tailor the learning to your schedule. Don't have time to sit through a live webinar during the day? On demand webinars are the answer.

Watch when you like, where ever you wish, and on the device of your choice. Our webinars on demand are powered by the popular Vimeo viewer, so no matter where you are, or what you are watching on, you'll enjoy outstanding access. Did we mention there is a PAUSE button? How handy is that?


Cool Gadgets: DC to AC Drive Retrofit
How to achieve real energy and maintenance savings

When planning what to do with your machine's DC drive system, consider the following: AC beats DC for performance; AC beats DC for energy savings; Find out how your facility can increase performance while saving money with host Steve Lyons, systems engineer.

DC to AC Drive Retrofits: How to achieve real energy and maintenance savings from Innovative-IDM on Vimeo.


Cool Gadgets: Aluminum Extrusion, Tinker Toys for Experts

Host Adam Ring of Innovative-IDM talks about the endless ways aluminum extrusion can benefit your facility. From safety solutions like machine frames and hard guarding to custom industrial furniture and workstations. If you can dream it, you can build it.

Cool Gadgets: Aluminum Extrusion Webinar from Innovative-IDM on Vimeo.

Cool Gadgets: Robotics

How real world robotics will raise your bottom line. This webinar on demand includes videos of collaborative robots in action. Watch as Rethink robots fill boxes with tiny bottles, recognize mistakes, and never really hurt anyone they bump into. Amazing. Plus, this webinar on demand features some insightful questions and answers so you'll want to view it all the way through. Remember, with webinars on demand, you can always PAUSE and start again later where you left off.

Learn about Collaborative Robots: what makes them safe, where they are used and how they differ from traditional robot applications.

Industrial Facility Safety
Build Key Safety Skills and Protect Your Team

Don’t waste valuable time or capital on non-compliant safety solutions. Our Safety Fundamentals webinar with Omron Automation will highlight what you need to know about safety so you can protect your bottom line.

SErvo Sizing Demystified
Sizing Servos Isn't Difficult: You Just Need Some Pointers!

Webinar will cover:
• Common Mistakes and GOTCHAS
• Common Servo Applications
• The Importance of Gearbox Choice
• LIVE Sizing Demonstration.