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Tune in to our live or on-demand industrial automation webinars for conversations about new technologies and how they can make a difference in your every day manufacturing processes. All live webinars include chat, so send us your questions as you listen in.  Miss a live presentation? We will post recordings after each event, so keep checking back for your favorite topics.


Upcoming Webinars

 Update August 26 -- Our live webinars will resume later this fall. Check out some of our past webinars ON DEMAND below.

Cool Gadgets: DC to AC Drive Retrofit
How to achieve real energy and maintenance savings

On Demand


When planning what to do with your machine's DC drive system, consider the following: AC beats DC for performance; AC beats DC for energy savings; Find out how your facility can increase performance while saving money with host Steve Lyons, systems engineer.


  • Why power distribution system is more efficient with AC than with DC.
  • Why an AC motor is more efficient than the DC motor by a much greater amount
  • Reasons why the overall power distribution system is more efficient with AC than with DC
  • And more.


Cool Gadgets: Aluminum Extrusion
Aluminum Extrusion in Your Facility: Tinker Toys for Pros


Cool Gadgets: Aluminum Extrusion Webinar

Host Adam Ring of Innovative-IDM talks about the endless ways aluminum extrusion can benefit your facility. From safety solutions like machine frames and hard guarding to custom industrial furniture and workstations. If you can dream it, you can build it.


  • Why aluminum extrusion is better than welded steel
  • Why flexibility and adaptability matter
  • How aluminum extrusion saves on maintenance costs
  • Why it's so much fun to work with
  • Do it yourself.... or not


On-Demand Webinars


Cool Gadgets: Robotics
How real world robotics will raise your bottom line


Cool Gadgets: Robotics Webinar

Join host Jack Marsh and moderator Adam Ring of Innovative-IDM for a discussion about how collaborative robots are maximizing efficiency in manufacturing processes.


  • What are Collaborative Robots?
  • What Makes Collaborative Robots Safe?
  • Where are they used?
  • Cobot vs. Traditional Robot Applications
  • Why Rethink Robotics?
  • Introducing Baxter and Sawyer