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Stock Tank Blues

Posted July 3, 2008 by Pepper Hastings

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I was just browsing a stock images Web site looking for photos of screwdrivers and multimeeters and I cam across this. I think it would make an awesome poster for our customers machine shop area. Usually, the shops have few if any windows and I think the cool blue water would be soothing to the techs. Nevermind that the genius photographer they cropped out the person's face, it's still a good photo.

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Crank Down the A/C!

Posted July 2, 2008 by Pepper Hastings

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Check out this project the guys are working on out in the panel box shop today. This one even has two air conditioning units that will go into each side to keep the equipment cool. That's the A/C vent just on the other side of Jason's arm.

Lots of people say our UL508A boxes are the cleanest they've seen. We also retrofit old boxes with new components.

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Legendary: Let’s Get It Started!

Posted by Pepper Hastings

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Well, here we go. The boss is out of town on vacation in Colorado, so let's get this thing started. (Note: Texans vacation in Colorado and Colorado people vacation in Texas. Both claim their home states are the best.) 

Welcome to Innovative Behind the Scenes, blog of Innovative Automation. Our Dallas-area company services the production automation industry -- you know, conveyor belts, sensors, mechanical arms, cans being filled with spinach, bottles of beer being filled and capped at the rate of 2,000 bottles per minute. Stuff like that, and all of the motors and drives and software that makes everything work.

All the stuff you use everyday, but never thought about where it came from.

This is a cool place to work, but we've kept it a secret. We've opened this blog to help tell that story in hopes that you'll understand that comittment to customer service is a foundation to success. 

Never mind that the company president is a registered, honest-to-god firewalking instructor. And never mind that just a week ago I broke a cinder block with my bare hand during work hours. That just makes behind the scenes at Innovative that much more legendary.

Check back. We'll see how much content I can get up here before I have to fess up to boss man that this place exists. By then, I think he'll like it.

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