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Failing Components & Connectors in Control Panel Can Cause Fires

Posted November 23, 2021 by Pepper Hastings

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If left unchecked, poor connectors or failing components in your control cabinet can result in massive electrical fires. The K6PM thermal camera solution from Innovative-IDM by Omron monitors control panels and other equipment to alert you when excessive heat conditions occur. Learn more here in this short video:

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We Installed 42 Yaskawa GA500 micro-drives in JUST 12 HOURS from start to finish

Posted October 25, 2021 by Pepper Hastings

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I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve seen or heard the success stories of Yaskawa’s Beat the Clock challenge. In a minute or less anyone can program a Yaskawa Drive with a ControlLogix to run through Ethernet/IP.

A success story of our own happened recently when one of Innovative IDM’s Controls Engineers, Ky Anderson, and Lead Field Support Engineer, Ashesh Patel, take this challenge a step further.

They installed 42 Yaskawa GA500 micro-drives in JUST 12 HOURS from start to finish. This included:
·        Unboxing
·        Assembly of Ethernet options card
·        Programming
·        Testing to run production for Pressure regulation for Air conveyor system by PID close loop speed control of blower Motor.

How we achieved in just 12 hours:
1.  Easy drive programming using the Drive Wizard tools in box without hooking up power to the drive!
2.  Field Engineer/Technician's love Yaskawa products because they are easy and efficient to install!
3.  After the install, warranty registration done from the DriveWizard App and Model details input from QR code on Drive.

You must be wondering one thing…Why would the customer replace 42 working drives?
1.  Well, that’s simple, Historically, Yaskawa drives have demonstrated extremely high reliability with an average MTBF (mean time between failure) of 28 years or more.
2.  Customer replaced 32 drives out of 42 drives in last 14 years, and some of them more than once from their other drive suppliers. (Picture shows only 10 drives out of 42 has original TAG on it.)
3.  24X7x365 lights off operations need reliable and efficient drives.

-- Post and photos by Ashesh Patel


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Prevent bypassing with the new D41 series safety door switch from Omron

Posted October 14, 2021 by Pepper Hastings

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Omron D41 Safety Series

Is your facility experiencing problems with safety interlocking device tampering?

When employees bypass safety devices, they compromise machine performance and put themselves in harm’s way. The new D41 Series Type 4 safety door switch from Omron is a powerful solution to prevent device defeat and protect your team.

As a single product family that covers a wide range of needs, the D41 Series also helps you save money, simplify machine design, and reduce installation time.

• D41D helps save space thanks to a compact design and multiple actuator sizes.
• D41G offers different actuator options including emergency escape handles.
• D41L is ECOLAB-certified detergent resistant. Contact us for a demo today.

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Help Wanted — HR Admin Needed Now

Posted October 5, 2021 by Pepper Hastings

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Calling all Administrative Assistants

Are you a go-getter with a positive can-do attitude? Highly organized team player? Are you often described as an overachiever? Innovative-IDM is looking for a detail oriented Rockstar to join our Human Resources Department.

Launch your HR career in this HR/Admin pathways position. You’ll bring with you your stellar administrative assistant skills and you’ll learn hands-on about all facets of Human Resources: Recruiting, On-boarding, Payroll, Benefits, Employee Relations, Compliance, Retention and Company Events. Because the position is at our Lewisville headquarters, you’ll also help with keeping our office supplies stocked, work with expense reports, help with corporate travel planning, schedule staff and executive meetings and other basic administrative assistant duties. While you might greet visitors, you won’t be asked to answer and route any incoming phone calls.

You’ll learn how to use recruiting platforms, career fair planning, compliance websites, time and attendance software, onboarding scheduling, plus many more valuable skills and experiences. You’ll successfully pass a background check and drug test since we must trust you with access to company information. If you have a degree in business administration, marketing, psychology, organizational behavior or another related field and you’ve been looking to get started in an HR career, apply for this position today. Also, you’ll have a corner window office – ask about that in your initial interview.


  • Functions as support to the HR & Payroll department of Innovative-IDM to ensure needs are met and legendary service is provided.
  • Organizing and maintain personnel records.
  • Processes incoming mail on a daily basis.
  • Schedules candidates for telephone and in person interviews.
  • Conducts background screening on prospective new hires on as needed basis.
  • Maintains office equipment.
  • Monitors supply usage and orders/purchases on as needed basis.
  • Receives travel requests and reserves airfare, hotel, car, etc. utilizing cost effective alternatives.
  • Orders fuel cards and administer employee usage.
  • Assists executive assistant with onsite meeting coordination.
  • Forms strong working relationships within team.
  • Anticipates business changes, identifies and introduces new ideas and solutions to create efficiency and improve processes in the operation.
  • Processes additions/deletions to benefits offered by Innovative-IDM.
  • Greet customers and direct traffic in front lobby.
  • Perform other duties and projects as assigned.


  • Attention to detail with a high level of accuracy.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Self-starter who works independently and is self-motivated.
  • Energetic, optimistic and flexible.
  • Independent problem solver who analyzes potential decisions with regards to the business and customer.
  • Exhibits creativity and tenacity to drive through to effective solutions to customer service challenges.
  • Maintains a calm, tactful demeanor when dealing with interactions.
  • Maintains confidentiality regarding employee, client and company information.
  • Manages multiple projects and timelines with a sense of urgency.
  • Identifies additional tasks to be completed and willingly assists others.
  • Follows direction with focused attention.
  • Prior administration background preferred.
  • Excellent computer skills required.
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State Fair of Texas Fountain Control Panel

Posted September 29, 2021 by Pepper Hastings

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State Fair of Texas fountain control panel

State Fair of Texas/City of Dallas Esplanade Fountain control panel, shown in our DFW panel shop with the crew (Jason Scott, Adam Ring, Brad Swift and Chris Coler) who built it, summer 2009. The panel still is in operation 12 years later and plays a vital role in the daily Illumination Sensation show at 8 p.m. at the State Fair of Texas.

This panel was destroyed shortly after its 2009 shipment because heavy rain flooded the vault in which it was housed. (No power had been installed to the site to run sump pumps, so the vault flooded.)

During the initial installation at Fair Park in Dallas, the panel was set in place inside the vault with a crane and then the top of the vault was set in place and the fountain built on top of that. After it flooded, there was no way to extract the panel from the vault since it was larger than the hatch. Innovative-IDM techs rebuilt the panel inside the sweltering hot and humid vault.

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