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Yesterday was NACHO average Buzz's Bar and Grill (BBG) here at IIDM's Corporate Headquarters in Dallas. Non-IIDMers might ask, what is a BBG? The short answer, a monthly office shindig, organized by our Culture Improvement Agency (CIA) and hosted by different departments within the company.

Innovative IDM's Dallas Shop and Warehouse Team were the hosts this month. They pulled out all the stops with 3 large boxes of tortilla chips, 3 crock-pots full of different types of queso, fajita chicken, fajita beef and all the right fixin's!

There were plates of nachos taller than the Eiffel Tower and a guest appearance by Nacho Libre. Oh, but the fun didn't end there, a Grito competition broke out between Nacho Libre (a.k.a. Carlos Arriaga) and Mark Stanley. I'm NACHO who had the best grito, but I am sure that Rey Contreras had the tallest and best looking plate of nachos.

A big thanks to our Dallas Shop & Warehouse Team for hosting such a Legendary BBG!

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