Yaskawa Drives Roadshow Training

Yaskawa Drives Training

Course Description

The Drives Road Show Training class is designed to give technicians and engineers a basic foundation of drive knowledge as well as answers to issues that come up with their drive applications.


Part 1 of the Road Show training class provides the student a basic foundation of drives knowledge. Class topics include but are not limited to:


  • Theory of Operation
    • Drive versus an across the line motor starter
    • Basic Drive Configuration
    • V/Hz discussion
    • PWM
    • Carrier Frequency
    • Reactors
    • Motor Consideration
  • Energy Savings
  • Manual Layout


Part 2 of the Road Show training class addresses specific issues of the students. Each student is asked about their drive experience, the drive applications found in their plant, and what they want to learn about drives. A combination of lecture and hands-on demonstrations allows students to become more comfortable with the products.





Course Length

One day


Class Format

Class length is approximately seven hours with a 45-minute lunch and two 15-minute breaks. The class consists of approximately 70% lecture and 30% hands-on exercises.


Class Materials

Students will receive a copy of the Road Show Training Manual as well as selected product user and instruction manuals in paper and/or electronic format.