WAGO Basic Programming Training

I/O Programming Training

Course Description

WAGO Distributed I/O training is conducted using the 750-880 node. Requirements include that students bring in a laptop with a D-sub 9 pin, USBs or both; 1 ethernet port. Students will also need administrative rights to their laptop as class includes loading software and changing Ethernet port settings.


Introduction to WAGO-IO-System 750
• WAGO-IO-System 750 Components
• Node Configuration. Features and Functionality
• Ethernet Settings

WAGO 750-880 Hardware
• PFC Hardware Components and Operating System
• I/O Process Data
• Modbus/TCP and Ethernet IP

Introduction to WAGO-I/O-PRO CAA
• IEC61131 Features
• Libraries

WAGO PFC Programming – Ladder Diagram Application
• Programming in Ladder Diagram
• I/O Module Configuration and Addressing
• Forcing I/O

WAGO PFC Programming – Writing Function Blocks
• Programming in Structured Text
• Creating User-Defined Function Blocks
• Creating Graphical Visualizations

WAGO PFC Programming – Writing Functions
• Programming in Structured Text
• Creating User-Defined Functions
• Using Arrays

WAGO PFC Programming – Ethernet Communications

Web Design and Integration