Omron Programmable Touchscreen Training

Omron HMI Training

Course Description

This course provides an overview of the Omron Programmable Touchscreen product offering. Including NS and NB HMI hardware. Project creation will include buttons and lamps, numeral and string displays, use of bitmaps, and alarm and data-logging. Various types of connections to PLCS and PC will be discussed. Programming will be conducted using Omron’s CX One Support Software.


It is strongly recommended for students attending this course to have a good understanding of C and CJ-series PLC concepts (configuration, addressing, basic ladder programming instructions.)
Must provide a laptop computer with Windows XP or better. A mouse is highly desirable since the program design demands precision for object creation.

Course Length

One day

Who Should Attend

Engineers, technicians or maintenance personnel who are required to
develop/support Omron’s operator interfaces or wish to learn the benefits of using operator interfaces.

Topical Outline

• NS Designer
o Installation
o Start Project
o Project Settings
o Screen Creation
o Test Mode
o Screen Download

• Object Creation
o Object Toolbar
o Drawing Objects (Rectangle, Circle, Line, etc.)
o Touch Button (Bit, Word, Command)
o Lamp (Bit, Word)
o Bitmap (.bmp, .jpg)

• Data Display and Input
o Numeric Display and Input
o Numeric Types and Storage (INT, UNIT, BCD, REAL)
o String Display and Input
o String Types and Storage (ASCII, Unicode)
o Date and Time Displays

• Pop-up, Sheets and Frames

• Alarms/Events Display and History
o Alarm/Event Registration
o Alarm/Event Display
o Alarm/Event Summary
o Alarm/Event History
o Alarm/Event Log

• Data Log and Line Graphs
o Data Log Registration
o Data Log Graphs
o Data Log to CF Memory Card