Omron Intermediate PLC Training

Omron Intermediate PLC Training

Course Description

This course provides an operational knowledge of advanced programming instructions and techniques. Advanced programming concepts including data shifting, comparison, math, indirect addressing, and program structure are presented in logical groups so that combinations of these concepts can be applied to real applications.  Troubleshooting techniques will be presented using Omron’s CX One Support Software.



It is strongly recommended for students attending this course to have attended the Basic CP/CJ course or have a good understanding of basic Omron programming concepts (configuration, addressing, basic ladder programming instructions.) Must provide laptop computer with CX One Support Software installed.


Course Length

One day


Who Should Attend

This course is designed for the advanced student who requires a working knowledge of the advanced CP/CJ programming concepts.


Topical Outline


I.  Advanced Programming Concepts

  1. Data Shifting
  2. Comparison
  3. Data Movement
  4. Indirect Addressing
  5. Math
  6. Program Flow and Diagnostics


II.  CX One Editing and Troubleshooting

  1. Cut and Paste
  2. Documentation
  3. Watch Window
  4. Data Trace
  5. Pause Monitor


III. Application Exercises

  1. Tank Filling
  2. Index and Rotary Tables
  3. Pick and Place Robot
  4. Product Tracking on Conveyors