Omron Basic PLC Training

Basic PLC Training

Course Description

This course is designed to provide the inexperienced user of PLCs with an introduction to the configuration, operation, and programming of the Omron CP Series programmable logic controllers. Course concepts are reinforced by hands-on exercises using the Omron CP1L programmable logic controllers. Basic programming will be conducted using Omron’s CX-One Support Software.



Basic knowledge of AC and DC industrial electronics and industrial control devices is recommended. Must provide laptop computer with Windows XP or better and Adobe Reader software installed.


Course Length

One day


Who Should Attend

This course is intended for the student with little or no PLC experience. The primary course objective is to provide a solid introductory working knowledge of Omron CP/CJ PLCs.  Recommended for electricians, technicians, engineers, and maintenance personnel requiring a basic introduction to the OMRON CX One Software.


Topical Outline


I.  Configuration Overview of CS/CJ Controllers

  1. Small – CP1L
  2. Mid Size – CP1H
  3. Modular – CJ1/CJ2
  4. Installation and wiring concepts


II. Functional Blocks of PLCs

  1. CPU
  2. Memory
  3. I/O
  4. Peripherals
  5. Communications


III. Memory Organization of CP/CJ Omron PLCs

  1. User program memory
  2. I/O area addressing
  3. DM, WR, AR, HR, TC, and EM memory areas


IV. Programming

  1. PLC scan and throughput
  2. Basic ladder programming/ statement logic (LD,AND,OR,NOT,OUT)
  3. Application of Timers and Counters
  4. Application of basic function logic (KEEP,DIFU/DIFD,SFT)


V.  Application Exercises

  1. Conveyor Control
  2. Parking Lot Control