Kyle Parry Heading Home to Chicago Branch

Posted June 28, 2017 by Pepper Hastings

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Kyle enjoyed lunch with a hand-picked group he felt helped him learn the most during his time in Dallas. And he almost picked up the check.

After a full year of training embedded at the Dallas branch of Innovative-IDM, Kyle Parry on Saturday will climb into the U-Haul and head toward the Chicago branch -- his original assignment. Kyle came to IIDM straight out of engineering school at U of Wisconsin and has been a huge asset to the Dallas branch.

As a going away lunch, Kyle was asked to invite the six teammates in Dallas who were the most influential in helping him learn the ropes. Although Kyle said he could have picked a dozen, he settled on Carlos Arriaga, Adam Ring, Cyrus Jahani, Mark Stanley, Lonnie Muse and Michael Mueller. Todd, Pep and Gene went along for the ride, too.

The best part of the lunch was when the server put the check down in front of Kyle, and we explained it was customary for the departing employee, after training, to buy lunch for those who helped him the most. After alligator arms, I swear he started to reach for his wallet. Priceless. (No, Kyle did NOT have to sponsor his own going away lunch.)

Best of luck in Chicago, Kyle, and enjoy your new "Don't Mess With Texas" cap.  Tim Mueller and that branch are lucky to have you on the way. So are our Chicago customers. -- ph


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  1. Good luck, Kyle!
  2. Come on now! Get up here already. Congratulations Kyle, looking forward to working with you, in person, in front of customers. Safe Travels
  3. When I arrived to Dallas from Houston Branch I didn't know every one yet and was still learning names and the role people play here it IDM, Kyle saw me sitting at a table by my self at the first Customer Appreciation event I was here for. Kyle and I sat and shared about ourselves with each other and a few funny stories. Kyle made me feel comfortable and welcome. Through the last year I had many opportunities to work with Kyle and I could immediately see he valued my knowledge and was absorbing every thing I shared with him. WHEN ever I was around Kyle I always had good times and fun. We even had the opportunity to do some field work out at Dart with him. I admire his work ethic and his attitude and willingness to listen and learn. I've met many young guys, smart guys, in my life but Kyle is one of the most humble and honest people I've ever met. Kyle will be missed by me personally and by my dog. He bonded with him... Thanks for everything Kyle wish you the best in all your future endeavors!
  4. Yay! Kyle, Tim is super excited to get you up here! Praying for safe travels and a smooth transition!! Can't wait to see how you improve and contribute to the growth of the Chicago branch! See you soon for Chi-Town Family Dinner.

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