Innovative-IDM’s Culture Improvement Agency (CIA)

  • Dallas CIA 2018
  • Houston CIA 2018

Innovative-IDM's Culture Improvement Agency (CIA) is comprised of I-IDM volunteers who help steer the evolution of our culture through events, recognition, communication, new hire on-boarding and community outreach. They empower employees to act above and beyond the call of duty while furthering the adventure that we are proud to call our company culture. See below for a list of current agents:

Culture Improvement Agents Serving Region 1:

  • Carlos Arriaga 
  • Galen Derrickson
  • Cyrus Jahani
  • Omar Mediano
  • Anabel Simental

Culture Improvement Agents Serving Region 2:

  • Carolyn Brace
  • Edwin Catalan
  • Ed Hyer
  • Brandt King
  • Kevin Skaggs

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  1. Man Those Houston Guys can really Smile !!, I wonder what they are up too???

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