Holiday Party – Houston Style

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The SpindleTap Brewery in Houston was the place to be on Saturday. Ugly sweaters, karaoke, ice cold liquid gold, corn hole, basketball, great food, gifts and Innovative-IDM employees.

When it came to liquid gold, "BoomTown Blonde" seemed to be the drink of choice for the majority of IIDM'ers. I'm not sure if it was the liquid gold, or the excitement of the holiday season, but multiple employees and guests sang their hearts out on the karaoke machine.

The fun didn't stop there, Edwin Catalan took the stage and  named Zip-Tie Tinsel, Juan Silva, winner of the ugly sweater contest.

Then it was time for giveaways and the same thing was one everyone's mind, who is going to win the big screen tv?! Houston Branch Manager, Stephen Weatherley, called employees up one-by-one to draw raffle tickets. Gifts included 2 Yeti Tumblers, Fit-Bit, Kindle Fire HD, SoundSport Headphones, Wine basket, Sunglasses, Liquor Basket, Cavender's Gift Card, Vodka Basket,Yeti Cooler, Xbox One and a 50" Smart TV. At the end of the night, Stephen and El Presidente, Gene Gray, announced Marilyn Skeet as the winner of the TV.

Innovative-IDM's Houston CIA did an amazing job organizing the holiday party. It was a Legendary party with Legendary people!

Jeff & Debbie Bruce

Ed & Tracy Hyer

Dan & Debra Holmes

March Phelps & Todd Mueller

Edwin, Suzanne, Autumn and Adam

Dana & Paul

Brandt, Amanda & Gene

Erin, Michael & Alberto

Carol & Jeff

Corn Hole Champions - Ed Hyer & Stephen Weatherley

James Nairn & Felix Vargas


Ugly Sweater Contestants

The Finalists - Felix, Alberto, Juan and Adam

WINNER - Juan Silva (zip-tie tinsel)

Edwin Catalan

Basketball - Dale Frisk, Ed Hyer, Jacob Hestand, Stephen & Sandra Weatherley

Ed & Tracy Hyer

Raffle Winner - Carolyn Brace

Raffle Winner - Jeff Bruce

Raffle Winner - Gary Mertschin

Raffle Winner - James Nairn

Raffle Winner - Edwin Catalan

Raffle Winner - Dale Frisk

Raffle Winner - Marc Phelps

Raffle Winner - Ernie Sparks

Raffle Winner - Kevin Olson

Raffle Winner - Stephen Weatherley

Raffle Winner - Jeff Smith

Stephen & Gene announcing the winner of the 50" TV.

Raffle Winner - Marilyn Skeete

Houston Branch Manager, Stephen Weatherley, decided to help Brandt King check an item off of his bucket list this holiday season by letting him play Oprah Winfrey. You get a vest! You get a vest! Everyone gets a vest!


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  1. Thanks Kelly! Thanks to the H-Town CIA for a great party! Thanks to Marc for a cool venue!

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