Hardguard Protects VFDs from Contaminants

Posted April 24, 2019 by Pepper Hastings

Categories: Aluminum Extrusion, Blog

Aluminum t-slotted extrusion keeps particles out of control cabinet, VFDs.

One of our sales engineers recently solved a problem for a customer in the oil and gas sector. The customer was running a horizontal drilling simulation and needed to keep particles and debris from getting into the cabinets and fouling the drives controlling the motors.

The solution was simple yet effective: Extruded aluminum framing with clear poly carbonate panels created a quasi-clean room to protect the cabinets. The framing included a door that allows technicians to access the control panels. Innovative-IDM worked with the customer on the design, and then cut and constructed the pieces. The modules were shipped to the customer where workers there easily put together the final product. There's a whole world of factory applications for aluminum extrusion.

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