Choosing a Linear Motion Solution

Posted April 28, 2016 by Pepper Hastings

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When choosing a linear motion solution an application, deciding which technology to implement can be a head-scratcher with so many different solutions on the market. Ball screw. Linear motor. Rack and pinion. Cylinder.

We run through this all of the time with our customers when helping them with linear motion solution applications. Bottom line is, your solution must satisfy your applications requirements.

Here is a basic checklist of some of the questions we ask our customers before choosing a linear motion solution:

  1. Distance

Know how far your load needs to move will help you choose a solution. If you only need to move the load a few inches, it can be a drastically different solution than if you need to move it hundreds of feet.

  1. Time Frame

Consider how much time you have to move the load. You’ll need a faster or slower solution depending on if you need to move the load from Point A to Point B in 10 seconds or in 1/10th of a second.

  1. Weight

Know what your loads weight will be. Moving a few ounces is going to require much less force than moving a few hundred pounds. The difference is force requirements will naturally point you towards certain technologies.

  1. Precision

Think about just how much fine control you need. If it doesn’t matter if the load stops within an inch or so of its target destination then certain technologies will be available. If you need the load to stop in specific areas at a micron level, that’s a new, tech ballpark.

Of course, the entire process of choosing a linear motion solution is more complex than these four simple parameters. But you have to start somewhere. Once you’ve determined the four criteria above, choosing a linear motion solution and solving the details of the application will be easier. We can help you find the solution that fits your need when you're ready for more help.

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