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Yaskawa FP605 Drive for Fans and Pumps

Posted June 22, 2022 by Pepper Hastings

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We've been a partner of Yaskawa drives for nearly two decades, so call us about the newest FP605 drive. Easy to install and easy to start up. Features in-box media, intuitive keypad, and software tools to take the drive out of the box and into the field as fast as possible. Find out more -->Here.

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Some Big Drive Energy in Our Houston Panel Shop

Posted May 16, 2022 by Pepper Hastings

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These are 4 x 1200A Drive Panels. Last week, our Houston manufacturing team laid all four of these massive custom N3R enclosures on their backs and stuffed each with a 1200A Yaskawa A1000 drives and a pre-wired back panel.  Once upright, two AC units totaling more than 3 tons were installed onto each panel.

When completed, each of these panels will weigh approximately 3,800 pounds. These are the first of eight total panels built by our Houston shop for use in a customer's 800HP gas compression application. That's 6-foot engineer Ernie Sparks standing in for scale.

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‘Twas the Monday before Christmas . . .

Posted December 27, 2021 by Pepper Hastings

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'Twas the Monday before Christmas and all through the shift, an F7 in Waco had just spit the bit . . .

A Yaskawa F7 drive, to be precise: the control board was causing issues and the our customer called us for field service help.

We found a replacement control board at our repair depot in Houston and our technician (Kyle) drove it to Waco same day to troubleshoot. While doing the onsite repair, Kyle found the root of the problem: The F7 drive itself needed repairing.

Kyle couriered the drive 170 miles back to Houston for an Emergency Breakdown Service. By Wednesday night, our repair team had scraped a "softball-sized worth of dust and grime" off the critical components, had refurbished the F7 and load tested the drive. Back to Waco, ;the delivery and start-up happened on Thursday.

We excel when your plant has an emergency breakdown. The IDM in our name stands for Industrial Drive Maintenance. Try us.

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We Installed 42 Yaskawa GA500 micro-drives in JUST 12 HOURS from start to finish

Posted October 25, 2021 by Pepper Hastings

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I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve seen or heard the success stories of Yaskawa’s Beat the Clock challenge. In a minute or less anyone can program a Yaskawa Drive with a ControlLogix to run through Ethernet/IP.

A success story of our own happened recently when one of Innovative IDM’s Controls Engineers, Ky Anderson, and Lead Field Support Engineer, Ashesh Patel, take this challenge a step further.

They installed 42 Yaskawa GA500 micro-drives in JUST 12 HOURS from start to finish. This included:
·        Unboxing
·        Assembly of Ethernet options card
·        Programming
·        Testing to run production for Pressure regulation for Air conveyor system by PID close loop speed control of blower Motor.

How we achieved in just 12 hours:
1.  Easy drive programming using the Drive Wizard tools in box without hooking up power to the drive!
2.  Field Engineer/Technician's love Yaskawa products because they are easy and efficient to install!
3.  After the install, warranty registration done from the DriveWizard App and Model details input from QR code on Drive.

You must be wondering one thing…Why would the customer replace 42 working drives?
1.  Well, that’s simple, Historically, Yaskawa drives have demonstrated extremely high reliability with an average MTBF (mean time between failure) of 28 years or more.
2.  Customer replaced 32 drives out of 42 drives in last 14 years, and some of them more than once from their other drive suppliers. (Picture shows only 10 drives out of 42 has original TAG on it.)
3.  24X7x365 lights off operations need reliable and efficient drives.

-- Post and photos by Ashesh Patel


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DC to AC Drive Retrofit Benefits: No-Cost Webinar June 8

Posted June 3, 2021 by Pepper Hastings

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Join us Tuesday, June 8, 11 am CDT.

Do you have an older DC drive system in need of upgrading, but your motor is still in good shape or difficult to replace? You will benefit from this 40-minute no-cost webinar.

Register NOW. You will learn about:
*Differences of DC and AC Drives
*DC vs AC performance considerations
*Cost of Ownership Comparisons -- You Will be Surprised.

Please forward to those in your organization who would benefit from knowing more about the benefits of replacing a DC system with a more modern AC drive system. REGISTER TODAY!

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