Live Large, Live Free

Posted July 4, 2022 by Pepper Hastings

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The Spirit of '76 by Archibald Willard

Happy July 4th from the Automation Now blog team!

"He who drinks a fifth on the 4th may not come forth on the 5th." -- George Washington (not really)

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Deploy Cobots to Combat Staffing Woes

Posted May 20, 2022 by Pepper Hastings

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In an environment where worker shortages continue to stifle output, automation is becoming more essential. Learn how incorporating the Omron TM collaborative robot from Innovative-IDM into your end-user operations can help you streamline repetitive tasks, reduce operating expense, minimize errors, and increase output. Check out more info here.

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Texas Water 2022

Posted April 5, 2022 by Pepper Hastings

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Our team is exhibiting at Texas Water 2022 in San Antonio this week. Sunbelt Power Controls is our line of pump control panels. If you are in wastewater, pond management or any water pumping related industry, we have pump power controls that could help you. Come see Dean Morris (left) or Mike Juarez through Thursday at the at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center.

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Stay Ahead of Machine Downtime with a Predictive Maintenance Strategy

Posted February 22, 2022 by Pepper Hastings

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Get ahead of repairs with predictive maintenance.

The benefits of preventive maintenance only go so far. At some point, manufacturers are bound to start missing signs of equipment degradation or driving costs up by replacing perfectly functional equipment on a “just in case” basis. Due to high maintenance costs, a skilled worker shortage, and the potential losses associated with unplanned downtime, a condition-based monitoring strategy like predictive maintenance is becoming more essential. Explore the benefits of making the switch from preventive maintenance to predictive maintenance with this latest whitepaper from Omron.


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