May Day

Posted May 1, 2021 by Pepper Hastings

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Today at our morning hoopla meeting (right), we danced around the Innovative-IDM Maypole to celebrate several things.KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA

  1. the end of April
  2. May Day
  3. Our customers
  4. we are free
  5. the fact that May Day and Mayday have very different meanings

Now if you believe all of that malarkey, consider this. We really do have a customer focus meeting EVERY morning at 8:15 a.m. There have been guest appearances by cow tippers, soothsayers, el pollo loco, beanie wienie recipes and lots and lots of motivational techniques.

Customers ARE our focus, and we remind ourselves every morning. Visit us at www.innovative.com or call 1.877.906.2100 for WAGO, Yaskawa motion and Yaskawa drives, Parker mechanical, SMC Pneumatics, Wittenstein actuators and alpha gears, plus Omron and many other factory and plant automation products. And don't forget, we have a field service tech group and an industrial electronics repairs department as well.

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Welcome Jordan Yates

Posted March 16, 2021 by Pepper Hastings

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Jordan with friend Buzz.

We've added several new teammates in Q1. Welcome Jordan Yates to our Dallas team where she is enduring sales engineer training for the coming months.

Jordan’s first introduction to Innovative-IDM was via webcam with Mike Zimmerman at Texas Tech’s career fair in September.  She eventually was interviewed in-person by Klent Prewitt and Mason Godwin in Lubbock.

“It didn’t seem as real,” Jordan said of the pandemic version of on-campus recruiting. “Usually you have a rush of adrenaline and excitement standing in line waiting to go [into the career fair]. But we still dressed like a regular recruiting event. We were afraid [recruiters] would ask us to stand up to see if we were really dressed for business.” Turns out, says Jordan, a fair share of the companies didn’t know how to turn on their cameras or microphones. “Even some of the huge companies didn’t know how to work the software. Turned into a chat interview.”

A lifelong Texan, Yates played multiple sports for the Pioneers of Boswell High School in Fort Worth.  “I was a well-rounded mediocre athlete,” says Yates, who recently took up the game of golf. “Not very good. I can almost get around the course now.” For a recent birthday, Jordan jumped out of a perfectly good airplane on a skydive. “Painful,” she recalls. “You can’t breath because of the wind and when the chute opens, the straps really jerk you up. Lots of bruises from that one, but I’d do it again.”

With her first two weeks at IIDM behind her, Jordan is certain that she has entered the “consciously incompetent” phase she was warned of on Day One by Gene Gray. “I feel like I’m getting a second degree in electrical engineering. But I’m not worried. People have made it through this before and [IIDM] knows how to get us to the next stage as long as we put in the work. I’m excited. It’s a nice place to work.”

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Nov. 10 – The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald

Posted November 10, 2020 by Pepper Hastings

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Today marks the 45th anniversary of the wreck of the S.S. Edmund Fitzgerald on Lake Superior, in near hurricane force West winds. Serving the Great Lakes industrial factories shuttling iron ore between ports, the ship was the largest on the Great Lakes when launched in 1958. In many ways, the catastrophe that claimed all 29 on board was an industrial accident.

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Custom Parker Actuators for Platform Guardrail Application

Posted October 7, 2020 by Pepper Hastings

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This worker platform will be retrofitted with new, custom Parker actuators.

We are supplying some custom Parker actuators to one of our customers. Their project was to rebuild this platform structure where workers balance helicopter blades -- adjusting the pitch of the blades on a helicopter rotors.

The actuators lift and lower the guard rails where operators make their adjustments to the rotors.  The installation is near the ocean. Innovative-IDM worked with the customer to specify sealing to stop intrusion and epoxy coating to reduce the risk of corrosion from the salt spray in the air.

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Ansel Adams? No, Innovative Automation in Houston.

Posted March 31, 2020 by Pepper Hastings

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This photo seems to depict a romantic tale of Depression-era rail riding, when migrating workers known as Hobos rode the rails following the crop harvest southward. Coffee and vittles at dusk -- with maybe a homemade pie from a local sympathizer -- were the end to many nights for the vagabonds of the 1930s.

In fact, this is Stephen Weatherley, Innovative's Houston sales manager, climbing over a train to get to his next appointment on Monday.

Photo was taken not by Ansel Adams, but by Nick Roeder, Innovative sales pro who already had made the climb.

We stop at nothing to get to our appointments on time. -- PH

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