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Live Large, Live Free

Posted July 4, 2019 by Pepper Hastings

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The Spirit of '76 by Archibald Willard

Happy July 4th from Innovative Behind the Scenes!

He who drinks a fifth on the 4th may not come forth on the 5th." -- George Washington (not really)

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Chicago’s First BBG

Posted June 13, 2019 by Kelly Williams

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On Monday, June 10th, our Chicago Team hosted their first Buzz's Bar and Grill.

Tim Mueller, Chicago Branch Manager, enlisted Ed Hyer, Company Grill Master, to help break in the new grill.

Burgers, Hot Dogs, Spotted Cow, Ping Pong and fellowship were enjoyed by all!



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Pro vs. Joes: 400 Meter Challenge

Posted May 23, 2019 by Pepper Hastings

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It started as a hallway conversation. Our own Preston Ross was talking about how he ran the 400 meter event at Crowley High School. Claimed he ran a sub-one minute time. Todd Mueller said he could get three other guys from work and beat him in a relay vs. solo 400 meter challenge.

So it became that a team (Mueller, Jesse Simental, Rob Phillimore and Omar Mediano) with combined years closer to 150 raced against a single person closer to 25. What happened? Watch the video. Winning time was about 1.15. BTW, the world records for the 400 meter and the 4x100 are 43.03 and 36.84 respectively.

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Customer Focused, Even on May Day

Posted May 1, 2019 by Pepper Hastings

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Innovative-IDM Maypole

Today at our morning hoopla meeting (left), we danced around the IIDM Maypole to celebrate several things.

  1. the end of April
  2. May Day
  3. Our customers
  4. the fact that May Day and Mayday have very different meanings.

Now if you believe all of that malarky, consider this: We really do have a customer focus meeting EVERY morning at 8:15 a.m. There have been guest appearances by cow tippers, soothsayers, El Pollo Loco, beanie wienie, rabid Easter bunnies, recipes and lots and lots of motivational techniques.

Customers ARE our focus, and we remind ourselves every morning. Visit us at www.InnovativeIDM.com or call 1.877.906.2100.

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Forklift vs. Ford F150

Posted April 10, 2019 by Pepper Hastings

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It was a beautiful day in the summer of 2006 when our panel shop completed a panel that needed to be hand delivered to a customer that same day. We needed a truck so Tim Mueller, one of IIDM's owners, volunteered his bright red F150.

The truck was in pristine condition. Tim had to attend a sales meeting so I offered to deliver the panel to the customer. Jason Scott jumped on the forklift to meet me at the dock while I pulled Tim’s truck to the back of the building. Do you see where I am going with this?

We had a ramp for vehicles to drive up to the dock for loading purposes. When I pulled to the back of the building, I saw a co-worker sitting on a forklift on the dock. I didn’t think he would move. He did. And so did I. I start backing up the ramp. Please keep in mind I am NOT looking in the rear view mirror. I am only looking at both side mirrors while assuming Jason was still at the dock.

The next thing I know I just hit a brick wall. My first reaction was what did I hit? Did I hit the building? No, it was the forklift. I didn’t realize my colleague was coming down the ramp while I was backing up the ramp. When I was looking in the side mirrors I did not see him. I felt horrible that I just bashed Tim’s shiny truck. Luckily, it was only the bumper. Jason, my colleague, felt bad as well.

I went ahead and left to take the panel to the customer while Jason broke the news to Tim. Tim took the bad news in stride and still laughs about it today. Ol' Red continued to service the Mueller family for another decade.

But, one thing I will say; I will not let a forklift or anything stop me from delivering product to a customer.

— Mark Stanley

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Anniversary Spotlight: Carlos Turns 4

Posted February 1, 2019 by Pepper Hastings

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Arriaga (right) confers with Cool Jesse Bratcher about a Sunbelt Power Controls panel.

Carlos Arriaga completed his fourth year with Innovative-IDM in December as the Dallas shop's Quality Control Technician. Rolling into 2019, Carlos still holds that title, PLUS added Assistant Shop Manager to his duties.

That promotion didn't diminish his willingness help as a member of the Dallas CIA. In January, Carlos was nominated by his peers and confirmed by the company president as a member of the prestigious President's Club.

Buz Sez: How did you first learn about Innovative-IDM?
I was referred by a friend over 4 years ago.

Carlos Arriaga:

How do you balance your career and family?
Well, I really like to work. But my wife is okay with it because she is a workaholic herself. So, she understands when it’s crunch time and the mission needs to get done.

How has Innovative-IDM helped you in your career development?
Before I started at Innovative, I didn’t know what Industrial Automation was. Now, 4 years later I am the Assistant Shop Manager.

If you could pick one book theme for IIDM, what would it be?
I don’t know of a theme per se, but I think an activity book would be fitting. They have coloring pages, connect the dots, and crossword puzzles. It’s more of Innovative’s style because we get work done and we have fun while doing it.

What advice do you have for prospective Innovative-IDM candidates?
Innovative-IDM is the definition of an American company. A lot will be expected of you, but you’ll have help every step of the way. There is no reality TV drama here. Just a great group of hard workers that will treat you like family.

What are 3 words to describe Innovative-IDM?
Ambitious. Focused. FUN!

What do you find the most challenging at IIDM?
I find it challenging to get to the break room before all the donuts are gone =(

What do you like most about IIDM?
The LCS team exercises during Hoopla. A good laugh in the morning is a great way to start the day.

What drew you to IIDM originally? And how has IIDM changed since?
The awesome cast of people and the overall energy is what initially caught my attention. My last company was smaller than Innovative, but the people there would hardly even say hello to each other. We have grown quite a bit in the past few years, but the positive energy remains.

What have you gained from working at IIDM?
I’ve gained a lot of awesome friends, many good memories, and a sense of purpose at work.

What is on your wish list for the next five years?
Grow the QC dept. Get a shirt with Mark’s picture on it, and eat more tacos

What is the favorite part about working for IIDM?
Being on the CIA. It’s rewarding in so many ways. But most of all it allows me the opportunity to show my co-workers that I appreciate them.

What is your most proud moment at IIDM?
There was a span of 152 days in the year 2017 that the Dallas panel shop had zero customer reported errors. In that span we shipped over 3,300 assemblies. The effort from the whole team was absolutely amazing. From engineering, to the warehouse, to the shop…it just gets me all misty-eyed knowing that I work with some of the best teammates out there.

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