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Oct. 24 — HQ Grand Opening in Lewisville

Posted September 26, 2019 by Pepper Hastings

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We DO know how to throw a customer appreciation party. Our DFW customers can look no further than Thursday, Oct. 24, for the next chapter of revelry and debauchery fun.

Please RSVP to marketing@iidm.com if you are Dallas-Ft.Worth area customer and can make it. You can either come for lunch, or come to the after-work party -- whatever fits your schedule. See below for details.

October 24. Check it out.

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It’s Official: Wheels Off at Club Innovative

Posted by Pepper Hastings

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The wheels officially flew off the vehicle at our morning meeting on Friday.

After assembling at our normal 8:30 a.m. time, we were told we could not enter Club Innovative but instead were huddled in an adjoining room. We were advised to charge screaming into the room, a la some sort of cell extraction at SuperMax.

Britt and Mark led the way (right). What we found upon entry was a flapping chicken clucking and crowing, "How does everyone feel today?!!" It was sales pro Jeffery Miller's turn to lead the meeting -- all IA members lead at least once a month -- and Miller had taken ridiculous and turned it to absurd.

Why were these men and women chanting with a chicken? What can a chicken know about company sales goals and values. Where did this chicken costume come from? Who would be asked to demonstrate the Chicken Dance? And how would this all end?

With a high-five, of course. What a way to start a Friday, and one of the craziest things I've ever seen in a workplace -- legendary.

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Recruiting Season at Innovative-IDM, Aggie Style

Posted September 4, 2019 by Pepper Hastings

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Our recruiting team is at Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas, today and tomorrow. We are recruiting Sales Engineer and Field Application Engineer candidates to come on board Summer 2020 or earlier. Later this month, we'll be at career days at Texas Tech, University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma State University, Northern Illinois University, Purdue and University of Wisconsin.

Pictured below are (l to r) are Kelly Williams (Human Resources), former students Brandt King and Nathan Fulbright, and Houston branch manager Stephen Weatherley, who has pasted a fake smile on his face because the Texas-Ex was forced to wear maroon for two days.

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Theory X Management Tactic #48

Posted August 26, 2019 by Pepper Hastings

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ImageOccasionally, management will make our largest employee hold his breath and try to fit into a small jumpsuit. This usually takes place after a softer than normal bookings month. Steve Lyons Sr. says, "Sell, sell, sell!"

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Battle Revisited: Bad Customer Service vs. Legendary Customer Service

Posted August 23, 2019 by Pepper Hastings

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Just yesterday, we did a battle of the air bands in Dallas Hoopla, led by Cool Jessi Bratcher. Yet this battle between good and evil originally was chronicled in a blog post from summer 2009.  "Bad Customer Service vs. Legendary Customer Service" is a Top 5 hoopla for me. It's also one my favorite personal blog posts. I guess I was just so overwhelmed by the drama and being an eyewitness behind the camera.

Now I know how former employee Charles Manning felt behind his cell phone lens that eerie morning in Houston hoopla when the rabid bunny stalked his colleagues. Stranger still was the shocking video captured by Manning of the boisterous yet simultaneously belligerent bunny. -- Pepper Hastings

This one falls right in there with El Pollo Loco and Lonnie the Scottsman or even the fictional May Day Meeting as one of the more ridiculous yet entertaining morning hoopla meeting at Innovative Automation.


Each employee leads the morning meeting once a month, and we discuss -- sometimes in absurd methods -- how we can better treat customers with LEGENDARY customer service. Today was Mike Davila's day.

In a blatant attempt to win "Best Host of the Month" and thus earn a day off, Davila showed up dressed in the traditional costume depicting the well-known character of "Legendary Customer Service" (looking like a cross between Hulk Hogan and Dog the Bounty Hunter). In this riveting photo, you can see Kara L'Huillier and Todd Mueller trying to make sense of it all.rassle1

Naturally, "Legendary Customer Service" was later attacked and mugged by "Bad Customer Service" who, of course, was dressed in black and played by Chris Coler. And naturally, "Legendary Customer Service" prevailed. Wow.


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