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Welcome Mike Juarez

Posted March 9, 2021 by Pepper Hastings

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Mike salutes his flag and his buddy.

We added several new teammates in Q1. Please welcome back Mike Juarez to our San Antonio team.

Mike grew up in Hanford, Calif., which is about half way between Los Angeles and San Francisco and earned his Mechanical Engineering degree at Cal State Fresno, home of the Bulldogs.

If his his face seems familiar, Mike worked for Innovative-IDM in 2015. Not long after joining Innovative, he headed off to serve in the Air Force where he worked in the 45th Civil Engineer Squadron at Patrick Air Force base, home to the 45th Space Wing. Mike served five years with the Air Force, is now Air Force Reserve and back at Innovative because he just couldn’t shake the love he had for us. He will be jumping back on the sales saddle in San Antonio and we’re glad he’s back.

Mike enjoys bodybuilding, riding motorcycles, hanging out with friends and shooting guns. His bucket list activities include skydiving and riding a Ducati through Tuscany.

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‘First Flag’ Over Texas — Texas Independence Day

Posted March 2, 2021 by Pepper Hastings

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Native Texans raise Gonzales Flag on Texas Independence Day.

Every month at our Texas HQ on flagpole #3, we rotate a flag of one of the United States military branches.

Today, on Texas Independence Day, we honor the patriots of the Republic of Texas. In 1836 on March 2, delegates representing Mexican Texas officially declared independence from Mexico and created the Republic of Texas.

Six months earlier, the "Come And Take It" flag from the Battle of Gonzales (Oct. 1835) was unofficially and quite accidentally the first flag of the soon-to-be Republic of Texas. The original was painted on fabric from one of the local's dress material. But if you're going to hang it out in a battle, it's a flag not a dress, right?

Today, Mexico and Texas are economic partners and enjoy each others' cultures, food and people. Yet in October 1835, colonists in Gonzales taunted the approaching Mexican army with the "Come And Take It" banner. The weapon on the flag referred to a small cannon the Mexicans months earlier had loaned to the colonists to fend off raiding Plains Indians. The Mexicans were turned back in the Gonzales skirmish. Less than a year later, after a crushing defeat at the Alamo and the defining victory at San Jacinto, Texas would indeed be its own republic.

Today, the "Come And Take It" flag can be seen on shirts, neckties, underwear, license plates, album covers, food trucks, murals, hats, koozies, and fraternity walls, even tattooed into the skin of true blue Texans. And for today, on Texas Independence Day, it flies over IIDM HQ, hoisted by native Texans Carlos Arriaga (left) and Omar Mediano.

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Welcome Jayson Smith

Posted March 1, 2021 by Pepper Hastings

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Jayson and Buzz enjoy a noodle.

We've added several new teammates in Q1. Welcome to Jayson Smith, who is attending sales engineer training in our Dallas office for the coming months.

Jayson first heard about Innovative-IDM several years ago at a Texas Tech career fair. “I had talked to Mason (Godwin) a couple of career fairs ago but I didn’t have any experience,” says Smith, who was graduated in December from Tech with a mechanical engineering degree. When he visited the IIDM virtual booth online last fall, Smith noticed that the random interviewer on the webcam was Mason.

“I thought, hey, we know each other,” says Smith, who could make a case for a referral bonus: Jordan Yates was doing career day interviews in a nearby room. “I told Jordan to get in line at Innovative, that these people are cool to talk to,” says Smith, “and now we’re both [working at IIDM].”

Jayson spent his formative years in South Texas attending McMullen County High School in Tilden. He suited up for the Cowboys in baseball, track and tennis and graduated in 2016 with 23 other seniors. “It was a big class, usually it’s about 15 seniors but the oil field was booming.” He was a UIL state finalist in Prose and Poetry (“You get two poems and you perform them in the persona of the person in the poem.”) but it was in FFA where Smith earned a five-figure college scholarship competing in everything from agricultural issues to plant identification to meat judging. “I can tell you about your ribeye and what grade it is,” says Smith. “Comes in handy at the grocery.”

Jayson says he feels that working at Innovative-IDM is more of a career than a job, and says he has the spinning head to prove it. “This is a lot of information to take in,” says Smith. “You have to put in the work at home, do the homework, to learn it all. I know I don’t know very much. But it will be OK.”

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Power Outage Instructional Video

Posted February 11, 2021 by Pepper Hastings

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In this video, Innovative IDM employees are shown what to do in the event of a power outage.

Generators and Panels


Hose Hookup from Propane Tank to Generator

Generator to Panel Hookup

Fuel Valve on Generator

Generator Circuit Breaker

Generator Engine Switch

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2021 Innovative-IDM Award Winners

Innovative-IDM is The Home of the LEGENDARY Customer Experience. Everyone on our team strives to exceed our customers' expectations daily. Once a year, we honor teammates who have demonstrated above and beyond efforts to help customers and teammates.  Below are this year's award winners:

President's Club (Peer Award) – To recognize you as a consistent over-achiever who always produces more than expected, at or above Innovative’s high standards for quality, and for doing all of this selflessly, placing the needs of the team above your own.

  • Ed Hyer
  • Cyrus Jahani
  • Lonnie Muse
  • Kyle Parry
  • Britt Welch
  • Kelly Williams

President's Club - In recognition of your dedication to providing exceptional field service, regardless of the time of day or the long hours necessary to complete the job and all while living out our Company Values.

  • Dale Frisk
  • Dick Harper

Gold – Sales Growth Award - In recognition of gross profit growth exceeding $100,000.

  • Alberto Aguilar

Gray and Alberto Aguilar

110% Award - In recognition of always going above and beyond what is required to help the company reach its goals.

  • David Alwell
  • Tammy Gray
  • Spencer Metcalf

Rookie of the Year - To recognize team members with less than 2 years of service who have in a short time greatly impacted Innovative-IDM.

  • Nathan Fulbright
  • Riley Least
  • Christian Thomas

Customer Service Employee of the Year - In recognition of promoting a positive tone, regardless of circumstances, while providing unwavering support to our customers, supplier partners and your teammates.

  • Daniela Martinez

Co-owner Todd Mueller with Daniela Martinez

Manufacturing Employee of the Year - In recognition of demonstrating exceptional effort, producing quality work and sharing your positive attitude to ensure we exceed our customers’ expectations.

  • Carlos Arriaga
  • Donny Clark

CIA Informant -  In recognition of contributing your time, efforts and ideas while selflessly modeling our company’s values.

  • Jesse Simental
  • Felix Vargas

Gold Services Revenue Award – Field Service - In recognition of services performed at or above Innovative-IDM’s high standards. Exceeded 1,400 billable hours. 

  • Dale Frisk
  • Dick Harper

Bronze Services Revenue Award – Field Service - In recognition of services performed at or above Innovative-IDM’s high standards. Exceeded 1,200 billable hours. 

  • Percy Foster

Gray with Percy Foster

**IIDM Employees: All Photos from Branch Kickoffs are at S:\+Kickoff Photos 2021.**