Innovative-IDM Partnering With Flower Mound Police Department

Posted December 14, 2017 by Omar Mediano

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It’s always a great day when you can contribute to the needs of others. Over the past week, Innovative-IDM Dallas Branch purchased 26 bikes kits, assembled the bikes and delivered them to the Flower Mound Police Department. The bikes and helmets came in a variety of sizes, so that every kid will have a safe and enjoyable ride.  The bikes will be distributed to families in need during the Flower Mound Santa Cop Program next week, ensuring that there are more kids getting to enjoy the spirit of Christmas.

Huge thanks to Gene Gray and Innovative-IDM for putting up the funds to purchase all the bikes and helmets.  We would also like to thank everyone who participated in the bike assembly last Saturday (listed below), and our wonderful Innovative-IDM CIA agents for putting on this event.

We are blessed enough to provide a Merry Christmas for our families/children and feel honored to be able to help kids in need.  It’s Legendary to work for a company that promotes and encourages contributions to our community, whether it’s donations of time or gifts.

Also, a huge shout out to Parker Hannifin for sparking this friendly competition!


Assembly Volunteers:

  • Kelly W. (Human Resource Superstar)
  • Guest – Ricky, Preston, Kaydence, & Lane


  • Gina A. (Customer Service)
  • Guest – Jason & Janet


  • Anabel S. (Customer Service)


  • Cyrus J.(Customer Service)


  • Todd M. (Operations Manager)
  • Guest – Jennifer & Greta


  • Rey C. (Shop Tech)
  • Guest – Diego


  • Gene G. (El Presidente)
  • Guest – Tammy & Nate


  • Lonnie M. (FAE/Training Coordinator)
  • Guest – Gloria


  • Kris H. (Dallas Branch Manager)
  • Guest – Barb, Nick, & Jennifer
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ChiTown on the Town

Posted December 12, 2017 by Pepper Hastings

Categories: Employees, IIDM Behind the Scenes

Our Chicago store team enjoyed a holiday dinner at Gibson's recently. All were in attendance except for Kyle Parry, who was unable to pull himself from watching his Wisconsin Badgers go down in flames, 27-21, to Ohio State (much to the liking of Tulsa branch manager JP Childress).

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Posted November 21, 2017 by Kelly Williams

Categories: Employees, IIDM Behind the Scenes

Bobbie Washburn, a.k.a. Queen Bobbie, arrived at our Dallas office this morning to find her "throne" decked out in full birthday decor. Her friends in the Accounting Department pulled out all the stops with balloons, banners, gifts and a crown. Happy Birthday, Queen Bobbie!


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Crime Dogs Take a Bite Out of Fraud

Posted September 21, 2017 by Pepper Hastings

Categories: Employees, IIDM Behind the Scenes

Customer Service Rep Plooster accepts her Crime Dog money from Sheriff Todd Mueller after sniffing out a $3,900 fraudulent order.

Our new Crime Dog initiative is aimed at taking a bite out of fraudulent purchase orders and scheming scofflaws who attempt to bilk us out of parts.

The con game takes many forms. Callers masquerade as employees of legitimate companies. POs come in with shady shipping instructions. The perpetrators will even take a tracking number then call the freight company and redirect the shipment to another address.

Our most recent Crime Dog program rewards customer service reps with an Amazon gift card and a Fred McGriff baseball card for every fraud they sniff out.

Most recently, Bryce Hamilton (Tulsa branch) and Donna Plooster (Chicago branch) uncovered nearly $12,000 in items that -- had we shipped them -- would have been a total loss for IIDM. Great job Crime Dogs.

(Footnote: The advertising executive who created McGruff the Crime Dog for the Ad Council recently passed away. Jack Keil was 94.)

Hamilton uncovered an $8,000 bogus PO and was in Dallas to claim his Crime Dog reward.

Hamilton uncovered an $8,000 bogus PO and was in Dallas to claim his Crime Dog reward from Sheriff Mueller.

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Lipstick Challenge

Posted August 2, 2017 by Pepper Hastings

Categories: Employees, IIDM Behind the Scenes

The office got awfully stylish this last Monday at our Dallas branch, thanks in part the hoopla hypestress Bobbie Washburn, whose team Makeup Artists was hosting hoopla. Check out I-IDM's dashing efforts in the Lipstick Challenge!

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Kyle Parry Heading Home to Chicago Branch

Posted June 28, 2017 by Pepper Hastings

Categories: Employees, IIDM Behind the Scenes

Kyle enjoyed lunch with a hand-picked group he felt helped him learn the most during his time in Dallas. And he almost picked up the check.

After a full year of training embedded at the Dallas branch of Innovative-IDM, Kyle Parry on Saturday will climb into the U-Haul and head toward the Chicago branch -- his original assignment. Kyle came to IIDM straight out of engineering school at U of Wisconsin and has been a huge asset to the Dallas branch.

As a going away lunch, Kyle was asked to invite the six teammates in Dallas who were the most influential in helping him learn the ropes. Although Kyle said he could have picked a dozen, he settled on Carlos Arriaga, Adam Ring, Cyrus Jahani, Mark Stanley, Lonnie Muse and Michael Mueller. Todd, Pep and Gene went along for the ride, too.

The best part of the lunch was when the server put the check down in front of Kyle, and we explained it was customary for the departing employee, after training, to buy lunch for those who helped him the most. After alligator arms, I swear he started to reach for his wallet. Priceless. (No, Kyle did NOT have to sponsor his own going away lunch.)

Best of luck in Chicago, Kyle, and enjoy your new "Don't Mess With Texas" cap.  Tim Mueller and that branch are lucky to have you on the way. So are our Chicago customers. -- ph


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