Reason #44 to Join Our Team: Attitude of Gratitude

Posted March 15, 2016 by Pepper Hastings

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When you work at Innovative-IDM, there is an attitude of gratitude. It may be in a hallway encounter with a co-worker; it may be in Hoopla; or it may come in the form of a sincere email thanking teammates for serving a customer.

From: Taylor Moody
Sent: Monday, March 14, 2016 9:02 PM
To: IIDM Employees (All)
Subject: HUGH Customer Board Repair Testimonial

IIDM Family,

I hope that each one of you are having a great start to your week.  I wanted to reach out to each one of you tonight to give you a glimpse of how my week started.

Today, I had the privilege of taking (repair manager) Marc Phelps on customer calls.  As always, when I take Marc on calls, we walked away with a few opportunities.  However, today was not your normal run-of-the-mill sales call day. We had a cancellation at one of our appointments and decided to call and check in with one of our customers that participates in the blue bucket repairs program.

We had the privilege to go visit with the Maintenance Manager at RR Donnelley in Arlington, TX.  He has a few high horsepower water cooled VFD’s that he is needing to get repaired.  These items have been a point of conversation for a few months, but we have not been able to get an opportunity to evaluate them for repair.  However, he shared with us how much they LOVE our Board Repair.  He stated that they have been using one of our competitors as well, and out of the 4 items that they have sent our competition, only 1 of them has been a successful repair.  I am PUMPED to tell you guys that our Board Repair team is throwing a no hitter for RR Donnelley.  We have repaired 8 items for them in the last 3 months and all 8 items are working perfectly.

Due to this LEDGENDARY track record, we were given the opportunity to repair this drive for RR Donnelley.  The story does not stop here though, it gets even better!

Edwin (repair technician), hats off to you for being on stand-by to field questions from Marc so that we could not only get a quote done with-in SECONDS, but we were able to beat 3 other competitors in price.  Did I mention that we picked it up and shipped it to Houston repair depot, TODAY?  That’s right, this was all part of a tandem team effort by our team in Dallas.  Cyrus in customer service filled in for Mario in the warehouse for about an hour. That allowed Mario to come meet us and drop off parts with us for another customer we were going to see next.  Upon his arrival, I asked Mario to hang out for a few minutes because we were very close to getting the opportunity to repair the drive.  Mario being the LEDGENDARY man that he is, agreed and joined us on the call.  After about 10 minutes, we had the drive loaded in the back of the Dallas company truck and on its way to Houston.

Team, take a minute and look at all the compounding events that played out today.  Once you get your min

d around all the events that had to line up to serve this customer, think about our company values.  I see one shining through in everyone involved here.  EXCEED OUR CUSTOMERS EXPECTATIONS! From the amount of repairs that we KILLED our competition with, to Edwin being on stand-by, Marc KILLING it with the customer, Cyrus being willing to step in and help in the warehouse, Dallas CSG for picking up for him while he was in the warehouse, and Mario for driving out to the customer, picking up the drive, and getting it packaged to ship to Houston. That's all going well above and beyond to exceed our customer’s expectations.

We have an incredible team, and I thank you for letting me be a part of it!

Thanks, Taylor Moody, Territory Manager

Note: This email was edited for style and context.


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