Ask Our Customers

'We received the replacement motor drives today! Want to thank you guys for jumping all over this issue. Pretty refreshing to see the Golden Rule being applied.'


'I just wanted to say thank you for bringing the A1000 drives out to me today. The service you showed today is the primary reason we are pursuing the Yaskawa contract through Innovative-IDM. Thank you for supporting us the way you do. This makes us look good and keeps us in good graces at the plant. I owe you one!'


Your company logo says "The home of the legendary customer service" and you have certainly lived up to that statement.  It is the little things that keep customers for life.

JP, you and your guys' customer service is absolutely outstanding!  I appreciate knowing that no matter what it takes, you guys will help us get running as soon as you possibly can.

Thank you very much IDM you guys are awesome and I look forward to more LEGENDARY service this year!

The repair on the Servo Drive solved the problem.  Hats off to you and your team…. Again.

THANK YOU to the entire IIDM team for all the support and excellent customer service that have demonstrated during this entire process. We really appreciate all that your team has done to assist us. Job well done!

I would like to tell you how impressed I am with Gina in your Dallas office.  She is an ace!  I don't say that often, but I had the pleasure of working with her this morning on a customer down situation.  She assured me that she would handle the situation as well as if I was personally there by her actions.  Gina went and verified that the part was in stock, on her own initiative, and offered to put it on her desk until we could get our customer to confirm the order with the current pricing.  It is not often that inside sales reps offer to go that far to ensure a happy customer.   Kudos to Gina!!



Gloria Mann, Designer