Company Values

Innovative-IDM Company Values


Our Company Values - Teamwork Makes the Dream WorkCompany Values


At Innovative-IDM, what drives us is legendary customer service. Exceeding our customers' expectations requires a team willing to go the extra mile every day and be guided by a specific set of values.


Embrace the Team Player Mentality

Teamwork is key to ensuring our customers have the best experience when doing business with us. Working together and learning from each other promotes continual growth.


Promote a Positive Tone

Ours is an environment where employees recognize each other daily for the legendary ways they help customers and teammates.  Encouragement and appreciation for a job well done is part of what makes Innovative-IDM a great place to work.


Be Dedicated, Loyal and Reliable

We look for people with personal values that manifest themselves in their personal and professional lives. Dedication to helping customers, a supportive spirit toward teammates and dependability are qualities we value greatly.


Demonstrate Trustworthiness

A team works best when we believe in each other - to get the job done and to do the right thing for our customers and teammates.


Take Initiative

Identifying a need to improve is one thing, doing something about it is what really counts. Ideas are always welcome and a drive toward personal growth is always encouraged.